Get to know the Nottingham noise-makers…

Rock as a genre has long been renowned of having a visible lack of femininity. For every Kathleen Hanna or Kim Deal, Courtney Love or Debbie Harry, there are ten dozen guitar wielding, drum thwacking guys to reinforce the outdated notion that rock is indeed, a boy’s game.

But women have always been present in alternative music, despite what the labels and media would have you believe. Eschewing pop means you have to be a self-starter – like Hanna and co – and with acts such as The Big Moon, Dream Wife and Estrons getting acclaimed attention, there is a whole smorgasbord of new bands bubbling beneath the surface. One such band is BABE PUNCH. Their name says it all really; self-aware and self-assured with attitude to boot, the band have been causing a stir in their native Midlands due to their energetic music and notorious live set.

“[Rock music is] what we find most fun to play and what we really enjoy listening to!” explains vocalist Molly Godber, with the performance aspect of being in a band being something they truly relish. “[We love] seeing people that are enjoying the music as much as we are and getting to meet so many new people and bands through playing shows. We just like to dance and have a good time and hope that it’s the same for the audience.”  

The band feed off the energy of their fans and were “buzzing” following their EP launch show which took place late last year. They also recently got to dip their toes into the festival circuit, playing Y Not Festival a few months ago. “Y Not was a brand new experience and it was so exciting to play in that kind of atmosphere and get more support than we expected. “

The aforementioned EP in question, named in tandem with their latest single ‘Control’, was a rollicking effort that solidified the young band as ones to keep an eye on. Over the course of five songs the band cement that “Babe Punch” sound: frenetic drumming, hook-laden guitars and wailing vocals galore. Think of the best bits of Huggy Bear, Sleater Kinney and Hole condensed and bundled, with tracks such as ‘Leave Me Alone’ and ‘Bruises’ allowing the band to flex their muscles.

Re-recording ‘Control’ was a learning curve for Goober; “They were massively different to any recordings I’ve ever done,” she explains. “I wasn’t used to going over every part of a song, getting the right pronunciation and perfecting it all because we’ve never paid so much attention to it being perfect, but it was really exciting.”

It is evident that Babe Punch that are – first and foremost – good friends that love jamming together and simply having fun, making music that satisfies their own wants; if you happen to like it too, then that’s all well and good. Now they are reining some of that energy in and taking their output more seriously. “We’ve got another single coming out VERY soon and a couple of videos!” Godber reveals. “We’re going to keep releasing stuff but we’ll definitely be consistently gigging. In the future we’d just love to be able to gig all over everywhere (so if any promoters are reading this then get booking!) and do this full time.” 

Babe Punch’s latest single ‘Control’ is available on Soundcloud now and will be released 7th July. They play a launch party on the same day at JT Soar Nottingham with The Shrives, The Varletts and Cameron Sinclair Harris.