Soulful and emotive, Hackney’s Arlo has seduced us with his soft, yet powerful vocals and emphatic, relatable lyrics.

Metro dubbed him “like Sam Smith but cooler”, which Arlo is not unhappy with, “I love Sam Smith I’m definitely a fan. Sam’s voice is incredible” he tells us, “I think we both have soulful voices and really emotional lyrics, but I think we’re both very different.”

Arlo Fun Facts: He has a twin brother, “if I’m ever unwell he could probably replace me on stage” and he went to Goldsmiths University, sharing some classes with HRH Princess Beatrice.

Arlo actually didn’t come to get into music until the age of 19, upon discovering producer Steve Booker (Duffy, John Newman), “he taught me a lot and how to really use my voice and the importance of lyrics” Arlo explains.

His third release and most recent track, ‘Refuge’, is pretty darn wonderful, trust us. About being your own best friend, it carries with it an important message about your relationship with yourself. It’s about “really being your own safety net in life. I had a very toxic professional relationship that went very sour and I decided in that moment I wouldn’t allow myself to be so naïve or vulnerable again. It’s a very honest song” Arlo reveals.

“I’m from Hackney, the music scene is the best in the UK surely, we have so much history and culture – it’s important not to be inspired and influenced by London.”

He’s spent the summer over in New York working on new music, always writing and recording, he has high hopes to put out his debut LP in the near future. His debut single ‘Ivory’, which just so happened to be our fifth ever ‘Debut Of The Week’ was an interesting choice of debut, given it sounds quite different from Arlo’s other efforts. “It wasn’t as ‘straight for the jugular’ as the rest of the records” Arlo explains.

“‘Ivory’ is a very vulnerable record and I think it’s important to show that side of me – it’s a real heartbreak with real disappointment”

Further effort ‘Shake The Room’, Arlo’s second release, is all about confidence, “it really is an anthem for self-confidence, it’s empowering. The tribal breakdown in the middle eight is probably my favourite thing I’ve done so far,” he tells us.

When it comes to inspirations Arlo is quick to mention fellow Londoner Adele. “I could talk about Adele for the rest of my life. I love her so much. I love her honesty. There’s something so pure and brave about her” he explains, also mentioning his love for Amy Winehouse, “she made me want to become a recording artist.”

The talent is definitely there, the music is increasingly building up and soon Arlo will be looking to make his live debut. It’s sure to be a momentous occasion, so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement and hopefully, we’ll see you down the front.

Be sure to listen to all three of Arlo’s released tracks above and keep an eye out for live announcements.