The Gosport newcomers dropped by to divulge their beginnings, influences and the importance of dancing!

Gosport-based indie-disco band Arcade Hearts kicked off 2018 with a bang, touring in February and releasing their new single, the adrenaline-fuelled ‘Different Place’. We chatted to the band to find out how it all began…

Here at Born Music, we love your latest single ‘Different Place’. Can you tell us a little about the track?

So I guess the thought process behind this song and video is to remove yourself from the daily repetitions of modern life. Putting yourself in a realm of cheap thrills, instant wins and neon lights. Just a bit angsty, really.

Your music is so fun, and it conjures up this urge to dance! Do you like to channel this vibe at your gigs? Do you encourage dancing over moshing?

YES! Just dance! We can’t stress enough how good dancing is for your mind and body.

How did it all begin?

A couple of years ago we actually all met together for the first time at a gig in Gosport, I think it was watching some local bands, and we realised that we could start a band. A couple of weeks later a group chat was made!

Was there much of a disco scene in Gosport?

I wish. There is a generic ‘grim’ local club that always seems to be in these sort of towns, you’ll probably hear a ’90s or ’00s disco song there.

Your sound is refreshingly unique compared to the music in the charts at the moment. What made you choose Indie Pop as the path to follow? Is it particularly fun to play?

We judge our music with a pretty heavy hammer at times, mainly when something doesn’t feel right, so we genuinely enjoy what comes out of the rehearsals. Indie Pop just sort of happened, we kept pushing ourselves to produce something that sounded more then classic indie guitar (not that theres anything wrong with that), but not offensively different and, I guess, Indie-Pop-Disco was the outcome.

Who/what are your influences?

Synth Wave, that whole Miami Vice thing, Foals, Fickle Friends, Jagwar Ma. Palm trees are nice. Neon lights are so cool. The 1975 re-invented indie for us. Coffee in the morning, old cars and city streets. Fashion.

What’s next?

Another tour, more recording, more dancing! We genuinely don’t want to stop.

Is there an EP/LP in the works?



Arcade Hearts latest single ‘Different Place’ is available to stream and download now.