Producing upbeat and enjoyable Indie goodness that belies their years, these Cambridgeshire upstarts are a band to look out for…

Among the Citizens are a fresh-faced Dreampop four-piece who have been establishing themselves as an exciting new band with their rigorous touring around the East of England. The boys established themselves in 2017 with their slickly crafted debut EP Unlearn You and have followed up this year with a couple of exciting new singles that hopefully signal big intentions from the Cambridgeshire band.

The lads managed to find some time in-between crafting their indie ballads and touring to let us know a bit more about them.

It looks like you guys have been very busy supporting a lot of amazing musicians. Who have you enjoyed supporting the most?

Recently we’ve had the chance to support some amazing bands who we even listen to ourselves, two of the highlights for us would have to be supporting ‘Eliza and the Bear’ at the Portland Arms in Cambridge and also supporting ‘Blushes’ at The Horn at the Half Moon at Bishop Stortford as these are both bands which we have listened to for a while and to get the opportunity to play alongside them is amazing.

Which artists inspire your music the most?

Collectively we are all inspired by quite different musicians and genres however there is also a lot of music we enjoy together which brought us together in the first place so when we combine this with different influences and come to writing new songs our sound is created.

We love your new track ‘Words Mean Nothing’. What is the meaning behind the song?

 ‘Words Mean Nothing’ was written from the perspective of a person who feels like all the connections and brief encounters they have with other people end up leading down the same path hence why the person’s words end up meaning nothing because they feel the outcome can’t be changed. However, with this they always end up having hope with each person and find it hard to detach so quickly when the connection ends.

Do you have any new music being released soon?

 We are planning to release new music and tour those songs in October so make sure you’re around when we announce it all!

 If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be and why?

Because we are all inspired but such a wide range of genres it would have to be a cross collaboration between Prince, Michael Jackson and Television!

What has been your biggest achievement this year?

Over the past year we’ve had a lot of positives, releasing our two new singles was huge for us and the response from both songs has been amazing with Words Mean Nothing already reaching 10,000 streams on Spotify and Mess in the Head reaching 13,000 on apple music. We’ve also played with so many other amazing bands across the country, so this year has been pretty good for us!

If you could play at any festival, where would it be and why?

Reading and Leeds festival is one which is very close to all our hearts because its one that we’ve always seemed to be involved with whether it be when we were all younger watching it on the TV or actually going to the festival; the atmosphere is just beautiful and to play at it would be a dream.

How do you want your listeners to react to your music?

We think that being able to actually relate to the music is a very big thing so most of all we would want people to be able to listen to our songs and feel a connection to the lyrics or the instrumentation.

 If you had to describe your music in three words, what would they be?

 Daft, pumpy, pop.