London-based Alyss has been super busy of late, collaboratively featuring on tracks with MONO/POLY, Conducta and more… but that’s not all.

Her own music has been winning us over track-by-track as well, her electronic, tribal-soul sound bringing something truly unique to the table.

Her Dad is a full-time violinist for the Royal Opera House and a composer too, so it’s instantly clear where Alyss gets some of her musical talents from. “He would teach my sister and I violin when we were growing up – most of my family are musical, arty or creative in some way so it was the only way I really learned how to express myself” she explains.

It wasn’t until she was 14 however, that she began singing, “I got bored of playing classical music and needed somewhere to channel my emo teen heartache. Someone showed me how to record my vocals using a program called Cool Edit. I’d get song instrumentals off Limewire like Justin Timberlake and Linkin’ Park, record my own top lines to them using a little mic and upload to MySpace” she reveals.

She played her first hometown gig at The Great Escape festival back in May – an impressive feat – and her single ‘Pyramid’ is as close to flawless as you can get. Written about a vision she’d kept having of being in a futuristic Egyptian type place, “around the time I had been meditating a lot” she comments, explaining “I had the synth up that I was using for another track when Raf Riley happened to come in the studio and spontaneously jammed out the melody, when he left I built the rest of the track around it and just recorded the vocals that came straight in to my head.”

“I work really closely with a friend and visual artist called LB. I also create my own art under the name India Moon (, so it’s very much a collaborative effort when we come together. I’ll have the concept in my mind or drawn out and LB makes it a reality. She is an incredible talent.”

The impressive accomplishments don’t end there though, as electronic wonder MJ Cole selected her as one of the five acts to watch for 2017. She’s also collaborated with Cole on track ‘Undo’: “it was MJ Cole, Two Inch Punch and myself at MJ’s studio. He created such a safe creative place with all of us doing our thing, sharing ideas and enjoying each other’s company” Alyss tells us.

When it comes to influences and inspirations Alyss finds it in spirituality and the study of metaphysical subjects. “I use music as a way to channel everything I’m learning about through books, talks, interviews etc which in turn helps to make sense of whatever difficulty I’m going through at the time” she explains.

“The world is dangerously saturated with so much shallow and surface bull, I feel strongly that it’s our responsibility, as artists, to create the opposite.”

It’s refreshing to see an artist take on such a unique way to creating music and art, she’s also looking at learning to DJ, Alyss is a multi-talented individual that’s throwing a multitude of creativity at us, how lucky are we?! Listen to the new collaboration with MONO/POLY below.