With over a million views on YouTube and an upcoming collaboration with a superstar producer, Aislin Evans is certainly the one to watch.

There’s not many newly graduated musicians. There’s not many that have over a million views for their latest single on YouTube. Aislin Evans is certainly making a name for herself, and that’s only from a few singles. Having originally garnered attention from BBC Introducing Shropshire, Evans has since seen success on both Spotify and YouTube, creating a springboard for herself that will propel her into the music stratosphere. We managed to catch up with Evans to talk about ‘Feel About You’, creating music and mental health, and her recent work with a superstar producer.

For those who don’t know you already, could you give a brief introduction of yourself?

I’m 23, just graduated, and I make understated emotional pop music inspired by artists like Halsey, Lorde and Kate Bush. I’ve released two singles so far, ‘Take It From Me’ and ‘Feel About You’. I love vegan food, Hermione Granger and my cat.

Congratulations on your latest single ‘Feel About You’! Could you tell us a little bit about the creation of the song?

I wrote ‘Feel About You’ in the summer of 2017, finished it off in the winter and took it to my producer Oscar Bell in the new year before release in March, so it was almost a year in the making. It’s a love letter to my emotions, really. When I first wrote it I was in the middle of falling in and out of love very quickly and trying to find validation that I wasn’t going crazy. I think you can feel that in the song.

Do you produce your music? If so, what are your go to things for producing your music (e.g. music software)?

I’m in no way a pro producer, but I try and build up demos to give collaborators a good idea of what I want things to sound like. I like to use Logic Pro X and that’s what the demo and final master of ‘Feel About You’ were built on. All my vocals are actually recorded on a little Rode NT1A mic in my bedroom, and I lay down keys on either my Nord Stage 2 or my grandfather’s old Roland electric piano, depending how I’m feeling on the day.

How do you balance university with a music career?

Do a music degree! I graduated with a BA in Songwriting, so it was the perfect match as my music was my coursework and my coursework was my music. But it’s tough, and balancing my music, my studies and my mental health was always a difficult challange. ‘Take It From Me’ is about wishing someone would take depression away from me, for example.

Your music tackles a lot of deep emotions, speaking on mental health and relationships. Has writing music helped you make sense of your emotions? How do you think music can help people work out their inner emotions?

Hugely. Writing is a massively important way for me to process my emotions, and often I don’t know how I feel about something until the lyrics pour out. If you can get the feelings out of you, on paper or in a melody, it’s easier to manage them and look at them from a distance. Whether it’s songwriting, poetry, prose, painting or any other media, I would always recommend trying to physicalise your emotions. And hey, now you have some art.

We see you’ve recently been working with Shake Shack and producer Naughty Boy! Can you tell us a little more about what’s been happening?

I was selected as a finalist for Naughty Boy’s collaboration competition with Shake Shack, and got to hang out at his studio in Ealing with his persian cats. I played him some songs, performed twice at his Shake Shack events, and I’m looking forward to working with him in the future. I can’t give too much away, but I’m looking forward to having his name in the credits of some future releases… ⚡️

Do you have any new music lined up?

I’m taking my time, and I’m hoping to release single 3 in the autumn. It’s a good one. In the meantime, I’m working hard in the studio to build up material and craft my writing.

When are you next performing?

I’ve been very focused on writing, and I don’t have any shows in the next couple of months. If you want to see me live, sit tight until autumn and winter. I’d love to do a headline London show soon.