The mysterious duo discuss their eclectic tastes, being featured on TV and their new EP Chameleon…

ADLT VDEO have appeared out of nowhere, but this mysterious duo are definitely not new to the game. Mindy Jones and Luke Top are music veterans, the pair cutting their teeth with Moby and performing under the guise of Fool’s Gold, respectively. Now they have joined forces to flex their muscles with something new. ADLT VDEO sees the twosome go on a tangent with humid and nostalgic alt-pop. We chatted to them about their brand new EP Chameleon, being featured in TV and Luke’s cat Tom…

You’ve not long shared your latest single from this project, ‘Alive’. Congrats at kicking the project off to a good start! Can you tell us a little about the track?

‘Alive’ was the first song we ever wrote together. It was very quick and seemed to flow right out. We knew we were a good fit from the start. It was born from a little bit of my obsession with Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood and a little bit of Luke’s with Syfy.

‘Break’ is a perfect slice of indie pop and was featured on TV show Famous In Love. It shows a different side to ADLT VDEO; why do you feel it is important to show many different sides as a project?

I don’t know if we feel it was specifically important as it was just truly organic. We are two different people with two different musical tastes treading through undiscovered waters. I think it’s more about taking risks and following wherever the music takes you. Now that I say that, I guess that’s pretty important!

Your music embodies a classic alt-pop sound yet still feels fresh. Were you inspired by anyone or anything in particular when writing?

Of course! We are inspired by so many things everyday. The ‘New Indie’ Spotify playlist, that we were so honored to be featured on, is a great way to discover new sounds and see what the community is up to. We make playlists a lot. That and Luke’s cat Tom.

You released your first EP Chameleon in October. What can you tell us to whet our appetite?

Every song has a totally unique vibe and comes from a completely new inspiration. You definitely won’t get bored.

You’ve both been separately involved with the likes of Moby and Fool’s Gold. Why was it the time for you to try something new?

Musicians are like sharks… they always need to be moving to survive. I still play with Moby, (catch us at ‘Circle V’ Nov. 18th at the Regent) so it’s always ongoing. I think it’s more about making music continuous. Always keeping it fresh and fun. You never know where the next song will take you.

How did you meet and what made you think that the other was the right candidate for the job?

Actually, the very first time I met Luke was at a house party, like ten years ago. We had mutual friends. Then one day, I was looking for a collaborator and reached out to Luke… and the rest is freakin’ history.

Do you have any live shows planned in the near future?

Yes! We are playing with SUR at the High Hat on Nov. 28th. See you there! More shows coming…

What do you have planned for 2018?

Write more songs, play with Tom, eat more tacos.

ADLT VDEO’s EP Chameleon is available now.