After premiering their track ‘Love Me’ on our website, we thought it best to catch enigmatic Brooklyn electro pop duo Me Nd Adam (aka Adam & Vince).

So prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of an interview with a self-proclaimed ‘self-loathing egotist and a boisterous, red-headed emotional wreck’, as we chat to Me Nd Adam about their influences, style and premier their latest track ‘Player No. 1’.

Hey! For those who haven’t listened to you yet, how would you describe your sound?

Think metro boomin’ producing 3 doors down.

Tell us a bit about yourself, some fun facts about Me Nd Adam if you will.

Adam: My first time meeting Vince he picks me up in his mom’s Rav 4. There are two 18” subwoofers in the trunk. His playlist is jumping from Adele to Rick Ross. He SLAMS the breaks, peels out, pulls the E break in the middle of Freret Street in Uptown, New Orleans and runs into the little Guatemalan bodega for a pack of Marlboro 27s and a sixer of Coors tall boys. Fun fact: It’s 11:30am on a Wednesday.

We are premiering your new track ‘Player No. 1’, can you tell us a bit about it, direction/tone/main aim?

Adam: So I’m super hung-over in our little shower in Gowanus (Brooklyn). Bad water pressure and unhinged temperature output aside, next thing you know depressed-ass-unrequited-love-having me is crying. Maybe I wonder if Katy Perry knows Sean Paul. Maybe I have dreams. Maybe I recall the opening scene of the 2009 3D animated comedy-adventure film UP. Then I realize Taylor Swift has the power. She knows these fuck bois don’t deserve her. Then I realize people DO deserve certain things:

  1. We deserve to be returned the same amount of love, trust and kindness we put into a relationship.
  2. Even easier: We deserve to not feel foolish for trusting. Trust is simple: It’s easy to earn and it’s easy to lose. That’s what makes it so hard.

Side note: the easiest way to make friends is to keep your secrets. Also, ‘Player No. 1’ is our second record with engineer and mixer Doug Schadt. He was and is and always will be amazing.

How did you come to get into music?

Adam: When I was maybe three years old, my Aunt Amber would take me to get chocolate shakes at Players in Austin – MLK and Guad. She’d borrow my mom’s 1986 blue Ford Mercury Sable and apparently I’d sing the shit out of Eagles, ‘Take It Easy’ the whole way there. Not sure if that answers the question, but thanks for recalling the memory.

Another side note: ‘Take It Easy’ was written by Jackson Browne and for those only familiar with ‘Doctor My Eyes, I’d like to highly recommend his 1976 LP The Pretender.

You’re from Brooklyn! How do you find the music scene there? Does it influence your music much?

Adam: New York is really hard. Music is the only thing that seems to come easy- and you should also know we’re transplants – Vince and I were born in Austin.

Vince:- We got here last August, but our music remains influenced by our southern taste: southern trap, country, and all things Texas. Brooklyn’s tight, but everyone comes here and acts like they’re from here. We own where we’re from and want to bring a part of that to the table.

New York’s funny because when you’re here you’re placed on an artificial pedestal by yourself and others who think you’ve moved onward and up, as if there’s some hidden magic here. Sure you may be a little closer to some opportunities in the city, but it’s really like anywhere else. If you can find joy in being where you are, assemble a team and community, and be productive, then you’re doing something right. We’ve had a lot of fun working in studios here in with guys like Doug Schadt, Andy Seltzer and Tejano.

Summer and festival season is coming to a close now, how was your summer and what do you have planned for the rest of the year?

More music, more shows. Look out for us at The Mohawk in Austin between ACL weekends and then later in October at Santos Bar during Voodoo Fest in New Orleans. Expect new music through the end of the year and a national tour in ‘18.

What/who else influences/inspirations would you say play a part in the creation of your music?

Vince:- We like to write about scenarios. We like depraved drug addicts and loveless alcoholics, who feel lost one moment and empowered by substances the next. We love love. Shit’s confusing but music makes it easier.

Adam: I like people that know what they like. It seems easy enough. Our shit is black and white; music, drugs, love, family, friends, whatever and not in that order. One minute you want die because you have none of it, and the next minute those things are overflowing in your world. Sometimes you’re not sure which is worse. In short, we listen to a lot of Luke Bryan and Young Thug. Shouts to NOLA.

Me Nd Adam’s latest release ‘Player No.1’ is available now.