Hi guys, for those who may not have listened to you, how would you describe your sound to them?

Ben: Our songs are a cocktail of the indie bands you already love, a little bit extra drive and a hefty dose of groove. Quite tasty!


Your single ‘Glow’ is coming out in December and is available to pre-order now, how excited are you?

Ben: 9th of December is our Christmas Day. That’s how excited we are. We’ve been sat on the song for so long and just hope people get as excited as we’ve been about it!

 What made you decide to release ‘Glow’ as a single? Were there any other strong contenders?

Ben: There are a few contenders, but seeing as we haven’t released anything in a while we thought this is the one that we needed to impress with! This blends the old tunes and the direction we auto-piloted towards whilst in the studio. But let me tell you, we have some bangers in the cage locked up for later releases… This is merely ear foreplay.


We hear Dave is having to go in for an operation, we hope he’s okay! But, you’ve had to cancel a few gigs because of it, are you going to plan anything special for your rescheduled dates?

Luke: He’ll be fine and back with us in no time! Unfortunately so, but we’ve got a BIG year planned out already, however, we’ll have to keep our cards close to our chests for now.


How have your live shows been so far, any particular stand out moments?

Luke: We’ve loved every single one of them, playing live is what we’re about so you can imagine how gutted we are with having to cancel shows. There is nothing better. We played at Sefton Park Palm House for X&Y Festival in June which was incredible. There are not many gigs you get to play that are like that. It’s a blood tropical greenhouse man. Our debut headline show in London is definitely up there, nearly selling out for our first time down there was insane.


Do you have any particularly strong influences when it comes to the creation of your music? 

Luke: We’re all into a whole host of bands/artists so we won’t bore you with an exhaustive list but generally speaking, anything that’s got groove, something that makes you want to move, I guess. We love playing live and so we really make a conscious effort to create tunes that primarily, we enjoy listening to and also that are really fun to play live.


As an upcoming band yourself, do you have any other new bands that you would recommend to people?

 Rave: There are some great upcoming bands at the moment, we’ve just played a few dates with a band called Marsicans, they have some bangers and are worth checking out. My favourites at the moment are Clean Cut Kid, and Jay Prince. The amount of local talent is crazy, we are discovering great new bands every week.


What else is in the pipeline for Idle Frets?

Rave: We are just about to release our new single Glow, so keep your ears peeled for that! We have plenty more in the bank, which we are so excited to get out there. There will be no shortage of tunes next year! Expect to hear a constant stream of Idle Frets inside your earholes… We will also be out playing lots of gigs, festivals and touring our new songs so make sure you get down to one of our shows!