Our unmissable ICYMI playlist has been updated, providing you with more of the most vital tracks of the last few weeks

This weeks ICYMI playlist is graced with new music from MCAULEY, BADLAWS., The Riversiders, Waste of PaintCallow YouthArcade Hearts Ava Maria SafaiThe HubbardsFiner Things and Hotel Mira.

MCAULEY – Animal

“The track builds towards a huge chorus that showcases the pop sensibilities and all around appeal of the project, when juxtaposed with its more jagged and sharp-edged verses. ‘Animal’ has a raw, chaotic energy that will appeal to lovers of pop music everywhere.” Find out more about Animal here.

BADLAWS. – I’m Not Myself

“Their unique brand of pop is showcased throughout, with Lucy Hinton’s pleading vocal tying the sobering narrative together. It is moody, it is intense and it is above all a deeply captivating listen.” Find out more about the track here.

The Riversiders – Stranger

“With easy chemistry, the intimate feel in The Riversiders music is infectious.  Resonating that they truly do this because they love it, the band’s energetic vibe could make the saddest of people happy. Mixing a flavour of indie pop with the rock arrangement, the live feel of the recording feels very old school.” Check out our premiere of ‘Stranger’ here.

Waste of Paint – Baudelaire Waltz

“Waste of Paint have crafted nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s difficult to put a genre on them, as they create songs that are entirely unique unto themselves. But, with ‘Baudelaire Waltz’, there’s a lot to unpack. Lyrics that have meaning, emotive vocals, so many layers of instruments and a sample or two to add even more depth to it.” Find out more about the track as part of our Friday Favourites.

Callow Youth – Red Leather

“Keeping your gaze from the start straight to the finish, the energised number will no doubt be a huge song live. Showcasing that the band can transport a live feel to the studio, they’re proving that to be one of the best young bands to come out of Manchester in a long time.” Check out our premiere of ‘Red Leather’ here.

Arcade Hearts – Get Close

“‘Get Close’ is a welcome reminder of the fun song-writing and indie-dancefloor filling noise that Arcade Hearts are capable of. Another track that the young band hit out of the park.” Find out more about ‘Get Close’ here.

Ava Maria Safai – Monogamy

“Somewhat fragile with vulnerability but showing who’s boss, the powerful track ignites a flame in what seems to be the relationship in the story. Unforgettable and an exceptional take on modern day love, Ava Maria’s Monogamy will make you fall in love with it’s core. ” Check out our premiere of the track here.

The Hubbards – Seven or Eleven

“Hull’s The Hubbards take a stand on brand new effort ‘Seven or Eleven’. Centering the track around ‘mass consumerism’ and then pitching it for the latest FIFA.” Find out more about the track here.

Finer Things – To The Bone

“From its soaring hooks, infectious melodies, and its wildly catchy chorus, with any luck, more tracks like these will establish the outfit as an unearthed gem in the UK rock scene. With a debut EP in the works, we hope Finer Things prove us right.” Find out more about ‘To The Bone’ here.

Hotel Mira – This Could Be It For Me

“Hotel Mira’s new track ‘This Could Be It For You’ wastes no time in getting stuck into this track. A polished number that bursts into life on the chorus complete with catchy ‘la la la’s’ that will push you over the line and have you as Hotel Mira’s biggest fan in no time at all.” Find out more about the track as part of our Friday Favourites.