From the ashes of our Newborns Chart has emerged ICYMI, an unmissable collection of exciting new music.

Our inaugural ICYMI playlist features Max Blansjaar, Evie IrieReaperzBdrmmBonne FinkenHoly MagickBad FlamingoJule VeraPaco Versailles and Sir Jude.

Max Blansjaar – Life’s Too Easy

“Returning with a warming take on indie pop, “Life’s Too Easy” tells the story of being lost and how the world still turns even if you feel like it isn’t. As an arrangement, you can feel the ‘numbness’ that Max is feeling through the repetitive vocal melody.” Find out more about the track here.

Evie Irie – Bitter

“Off-kilter, glitchy, production complete with a hook that will easily embed itself in your head for days. This is certainly a grand entrance, to say the least.” Find out more about ‘Bitter’ here.

Reaperz – The Living Dead

“Featuring some intense riffs that make a more than solid base for Westland’s catchy vocals that will worm their way into your hearts and ears. ” Find out some more about ‘The Living Dead’ here.

Bdrmm – Question Mark

“Be prepared for a whole lot of sonic textures that will wrap themselves around your mind, consuming you until you’re a 100% converted Bdrmm fan.” Find out more about the track here.

Bonne Finken – Down Down

“With an industrial feel to it’s core, the songs arrangement is comforted with the truly infectious vocals.” Find out more about this track here.

Holy Magick – Even Though

“The Brighton bred outfit combine the intrinsic melodies of Talking Heads and Parquet Courts with the psychedelic fuzz of Mazzy Star and the simple, toe-tapping rhythms of The Kills for a track that at once sounds familiar yet fresh.” Find out more about ‘Even Though’ here.

Bad Flamingo – Fire

“Capturing a deft swagger with its slowly swaying rhythm, the masked, unidentified duo incorporate twanging plucks and smatterings of percussion to create a strange marriage of Americana and smooth R&B.” Find out more about the unique track here.

Jule Vera – AROUND

“Creating refreshing rhythms, the prominent quirky vocals feel vulnerable but confident in the way that they’re telling the story and you WILL listen. A wonderful track that will sit as a strong contender on the upcoming album.” Find out some more about this the track here.

Paco Versailles – Unwind

“From the get go, the summer hit will have you making some moves on the dance floor. It’s a tune that will raise your spirits with it’s electrifying production. Smooth and irresistible, stick it on repeat throughout the long summer nights ahead.” Find out more about ‘Unwind’ here.

Sir Jude – Mirror

“A heavenly production gives the whole ambience of the track an uplifting aura. Armed with an astonishing voice, Sir Jude’s future is looking to be bright already.” Find out more about the track here.