Honeyblood’s debut, self-titled, album caused quite the stir back in 2014 and not just because it was a powerful, attitude filled astonishing debut effort, but because drummer and one-half of Honeyblood, Shona McVicar, abandoned ship just a few short months after it’s successful release.

Cat Myers stepped up to the task and replaced her and in doing so started a new journey for Honeyblood, one that would see their live shows gain a ferocious, wild energy that would push the band forward to where we are today, with the release of sophomore album ‘Babes Never Die’.

Where their music was once full of anger and dare we say bitterness, it has now been channelled into an infectious cry of female empowerment and solidarity. Each and every track has a chorus for you to yell to – proven by their choice to play the album in full on the pre-album recent set of live dates.

The Scottish duo have really gone above and beyond all expectations here, even slower tracks such as ‘Cruel Kids’ and ‘Walking at Midnight’ evoke a powerful reaction that would be enough to move to at a gig; it’s impressive.

It’s quite a rare thing to capture the energy of a live performance in a recording, but somehow that is exactly what has been done here. Whether that’s an ode to their talents or an ode to producer James Dring (Jamie T), is another matter. But we 100% approve.