We went, we walked, we saw many great bands, now it’s time to recap.

The Great Escape has long held the title for the best new music festival, not to mention the festival hub for the music industry and rightly so, with nearly 4000 industry delegates in attendance, an incredibly on the pulse line up (now with an even bigger Alternative Escape), the festival is looking pretty unstoppable for showcasing the best in emerging talent.

Brighton is a wonderful place, bright, clean, bustling with creativity, not to mention the fact that it’s on the seaside! A real British treat. The Great Escape has successfully spread itself out across a large area of the city, between us over the weekend we easily walked nearly 20 miles (impressive and also painful).

Navigating your way around the festival between venues, for first timers in Brighton especially, isn’t the easiest feat, it’s also very risky. There’s always the chance that you might walk a fair way and not be able to get into a venue that’s hit capacity. Always a disappointing thing to happen, but on the plus, the whole line up of the festival is so on point that you won’t have to look far for a suitable replacement.

We saw many incredible acts over the weekend, some planned, some accidental. So, sit tight and get ready, because here are our highlights.


Haiku Hands

Without a doubt, Australia’s Haiku Hands completely stole the weekend for us. Bringing an incredible amount of energy, some fantastic choreography and much more to the end of the pier, we were blown away. There’s nothing better than when an act has a great level of talent and are a lot of fun. Perfect for those that have been enjoying Confidence Man and Sofi Tukker recently. You need to know this band.


Trudy and the Romance

Credit: Em Branson

We’ve been great supporters of these here at Born for quite some time now, so getting the chance to see them live (and in a ballroom too) was pretty special. Their romantic, fuzzy guitar driven 60’s sounds were welcome to our ears and the warmth and joy that exuberate from them is something else. They’ve further cemented themselves in our favourites pile for what might just be forevermore.



Credit: Em Branson

Despite a few technical difficulties that lead to a late start, SHE’s shiny and polished set did well to stick in our minds for quite some time after. Full of precision and personality, this is one brand new band that will never fail to leave a fantastic first impression. Each track powerful in its own unique way, building a story lyrically and bringing it to life with their impeccable alt-pop production.


Nick J.D Hodgson 

Credit: Em Branson

From Kaiser Chiefs to performing in a small pub in Brighton, you could say that this is a step back for Nick, however, one look at the reaction to everyone packed tightly in the room (and the joining room just trying to catch a glimpse of him and you’ll understand that that is definitely not the case. Not to mention the fact that playing some crowd-pleasing versions of old Kaiser Chief songs only received half the reaction as his own solo track ‘Suitable’. Why did Nick not go solo sooner?!


Fizzy Blood 

Slap bang in the middle of the day came renowned noisemakers Fizzy Blood. Taking to their label showcase (Killing Moon Records, FYI) the four/fivesome ripped through fan favourites and new numbers with riotous aplomb. From ‘Pink Magic’ to ‘ADHD’ the band showed the uninitiated precisely what they’re missing out on. Kayleigh Watson


Georgia Meek 

Credit: Em Branson

The winner of the SYNCR Music Alternative Escape brief to play their showcase with Modern Sky, CloseUp Promotions and LAB Records. Georgia Meek has been leaving a massive impression everywhere she goes recently. From online features, Spotify plays, gigs and more, she’s definitely on a roll and when you hear her powerful vocals live, it’s clear to see why. Get yourself acquainted with Georgia ASAP.



Isn’t Boniface great?! Smooth and emotive tracks that touch the soul, impeccable vocals that wash over you in a way that’s like no other. There aren’t many moods that Boniface won’t compliment, it’s difficult not to get lost in each individual track. Indulge yourself in Boniface’s world, you won’t regret it.