Worthing’s High Tyde have had a massively hectic – in the best way – year, arguably peaking at Reading and Leeds festival where they performed to a phenomenally large and rowdy crowd. They came away from that and released ‘Gold’ – an insanely infectious track that further solidifies the idea that these lads are on their way to great things. So, we thought it best that we have a little chat with them and find out more about the lads behind the noise.

So, first things first why ARE you called High Tyde?

It’s a Noel Gallagher lyric! ‘High Tide summer in the city’ I thought it fit us as a band, especially as we all live by the beach.

You’ve had a pretty insane year schedule wise, tell us a bit about the highlights? 

It’s been pretty mad. Exceeded all my expectations and goals we had for this year. The main highlight has to be Reading and Leeds. I’ve been going to that festival for a few years now and have always seen my favourite bands so to be playing along side them is a really cool feeling.
The tour we did back in April was fucking amazing. Never Expected to be playing to that many people in such a short amount of time. Can’t wait to get back on the road in October! Also, the support we’ve received from the guys at radio 1 has been amazing. Such genuine lovely people.

We’re sure you’ve had some low points too…?

Connor lost his wallet on a night out, that was a pretty low moment for all of us. He was supposed to buy me a drink that night! In all seriousness tho I actually cannot complain about this year..really!! It’s been a load of mind-blowing experiences that I have not taken for granted, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

We know you’ve all had a personal hand in promoting your own music and getting people to come down to shows, do you think that’s paid off? 

Yes definitely! We love meeting and talking with people. Every fan is special. That fact they are into our music and go mad at the shows is fucking awesome!

If you could choose any celebrity to represent your typical fan base, who would it be? 

Off the top of my head probably Jonah Hill in the Wolf of Wall Street. Crazy people who are up for having a good time. You can’t beat the constant vibes.

You had a bit of a directional shift with your sound, what caused this? 

It was never a conscious move to change our sound. I feel like we are constantly developing in our songwriting and getting better as we progress as High Tyde. I never like to pigeon hole myself into writing a certain sound. We jam and whatever happens happens, there are no boundaries.

What music are you mostly listening to at the moment? 

I’m loving Kings of Leon at the moment! So glad they are making a comeback and I hope to see a tour next year at some point. Also, Loyle Carner is absolutely killing it! I am so into what he is creating at the moment and hope he continues to release bangers.

What’s next on the table for High Tyde?

The tour is coming up at the end of October, tickets are selling fast! It’s gonna be our biggest and best tour to date! Also the release of our new EP ‘REAL’ so buzzing for people to hear what we have been working on. I really feel like this is a massive step up from our previous EPs.

If you could be in any other band ever, what band would it be and why?

Queens of the Stone Age, cause they are just so fucking cool. Josh Holme is a don.