It’s Christmas! Our favourite rockin’ trio tell us all about their amazing year (and what they’ll be eating for Christmas dinner…)

What’s your album of the year and what’s the best track?

Collectively, we picked 3 best albums!

The Loved Ones by Flyte. Best track: ‘Victoria Falls’
Melodrama by Lorde. Best track: ‘Homemade Dynamite’
Visions of a Life by Wolf Alice. Best track: ‘Beautifully Unconventional’

How has your year been for you?

Everything’s happened this year for us really. It’s been pretty busy! We released our first single and EP, went on our first ever tour with All Time Low around Europe, played our first ever festival and then British Summer Time in Hyde Park with Green Day. A lot has happened and it’s been really fun to travel and play so many shows.

What would you be most happy to leave behind in 2017?

The terrible weather and Brexit.

Where will Hey Charlie be this Christmas?

We’re all escaping London and going home to our families; Sophie to Shropshire, Lauren to Belfast and Lizz to Luxembourg.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Lauren has a tradition of always going to the midnight carole service, followed by the pub on Christmas Eve. Other then that, I think we all just eat our body weight in food and do Christmassy things like bake cookies and watch movies.

What’s your favourite Christmas jumper?

Lizz has a panda Christmas jumper. Lauren has a fox jumper and Sophie wears unicorn sunglasses.

What are you having for Christmas dinner?

Lizz: We always have a really long luxembourgish style meal. My mom is an amazing cook!
Lauren: Im excited to try and make a vegan nutroast for my fam and lots of potatoes!
Sophie: The classic turkey and my fave pigs in blankets.

What are the best/worst Christmas presents you’ve ever received?

Lizz: My parents once bought me my acoustic J-45 gibson guitar for a joint birthday and Christmas present, that was the best present ever.

Lauren: My best present was when I got my first drum kit at ten, but my parents made so much noise setting it up that I also found out Santa wasn’t real.

Sophie: I think I definitely have the worst: My grandma gave me her lingerie for Christmas, it was so awkward.

What’s your favourite Christmas cracker joke?

What did the snowman eat for christmas dinner? Ice burgers

Which artist/band are you most looking forward to hearing more from in 2018?

Bad sounds, SWMRS, Demob Happy, Spring King. Also can’t wait for the Arctic Monkeys new album.

Hey Charlie’s EP Young and Lonesome is out now.