The trio’s debut track ‘Hey’ has worked its way into our ears + playlists. We wanted to know more…

There’s not much we love more than a bit of grunge pop, especially when it sounds as great as what Sophie, Lizz, and Lauren (aka Hey Charlie) have been putting out for our listening enjoyment. Their debut track ‘Hey’ has made quite the impression online, grabbing many, ourselves included, instantly and working its way into our ears and playlists, possibly forevermore, we caught up with the band to find out exactly who is Hey Charlie?

Sophie and Lizz met at University, both studying Business Management, they started playing together and although they say it took a long while to compile songs, start writing and figure out what sound they wanted, there was one thing they knew instantly: “We knew from the very beginning that it should be an all-girl band, it wasn’t until we found Lauren though, that it really felt like the real Hey Charlie. We asked her to come down for a jam and it just suddenly felt as if something clicked into place.”

“Our sound is a combination of grungey guitar riffs, poppy melodies, and harmonies and driving rock drum grooves” they explain. It’s a pretty accurate description too, one listen to debut track ‘Hey’ and we’re certain you’ll agree. “We felt it was the perfect introduction, not only because it’s quite a good representation of our sound, but also because it has personal meaning to us” they tell us, explaining that ‘Hey’ was written as a way of getting their frustration out: “It’s an anti-bully song about rising above the situation and standing together against the haters.”

Co-directing the video with Sam Taylor (Director & Editor) and Sam Kinsella (Director of Photography & Editor), shooting over the impressively long time of 13 hours! The girls explain to us how important they think it is to be the driving force behind every creative aspect of the band. “Working with both Sam’s was absolutely amazing! There was so much energy from the whole team and even when we were all exhausted at midnight after running up and down the North Circular bridge at least 50 times, we still carried on to make sure we had the right footage.” Sounds intense, but watching the video, it seems to definitely have been worth it.

Considering they’ve put just the one track out into the world, they’ve already been added to Kerrang’s ‘Fresh Blood’ line up alongside the likes of WSTR at London’s Borderline this coming October, naturally, they’re very excited. The girls have also just played The Great Escape festival, have a slot at Barn On The Farm festival coming up and a potential London headline show potentially in the pipeline for June. Exciting stuff.