Alternative London four piece Hawk have created small pandemonium in the blogging atmosphere as they arrived on the scene with a polished, professional sound that also felt strikingly original. Winning over influential publications and broadcasters including Tom Robinson, Art Rocker and The Line of Best Fit, the group stands in a strong position ahead of the release of their eponymous debut EP release.

Lead track ‘Once Told’ demonstrates the band’s identification of a niche middle ground between the genres of post punk and folk. Lead vocalist and band namesake Julie Hawk winds her vocal seductively between gentle coos of Portishead before launching into Nine Inch Nails style emotional turmoil. Local Natives’ organic, surrealistic influence is strong on ‘Rattle’ as Hawk’s vocal also mirrors the qualities of Moorcheba’s Skye Edwards. This entire EP has its roots firmly anchored in the mid-90s era of fearless experimentation as they follow the bold approach to genres of pop, folk and electro echoing the boldness of predecessors such as Aphex Twin and Björk.

The wistful ‘Sleep’ allows the instrumentality of the outfit to break from beneath ethereal production and the introduction of Matthew Harris’s vocal contrasts the aerial heights of Julie’s well. It is opening track ‘The Hunt’ that demands the most attention with its urgent, rolling drum and unnervingly simplistic guitar strings paired and a vocal similar to The Pierces creating an overall doomful, anthemic quality. These four foundation tracks are an incredibly solid basis to expand and develop the rest of 2016 and their forthcoming discography.