London psychedelic pop trio Happyness are back with their exciting new second album, yet again created above an abandoned bookshop in their own Jelly Boy Studios. While Weird Little Birthday was celebrated for its American college-rock vibe, Write In feels much more British, with The Kinks and The Move being admitted influences on the album. Oddly though, it evokes more influence from British inspired American psych bands, taking the innocent nostalgia of The Flaming Lips’ sound or poppy nonsense of Foxygen (but without their breakneck speed spontaneity).

‘Falling Down’ opens the album with a deceivingly sleepy tone, with a drawn out intro slowly easing you into their dreamy world for nearly half the song. Tracks like ‘The Reel Starts Again (Man As Ostrich)’ follow, with more of a Beatlesy piano and vocals based style, while ‘Anytime’ is an enjoyable offering of lightly shoegazed pop. Though ‘Anna, Lisa Calls’ and ‘Tunnel Vision On Your Part’ have been heard before on last year’s Tunnel Vision EP, they fit perfectly onto this deeply charming collection of songs.

It’s ‘Through Windows’ though that really stands out on the album, despite the eclectic mix of songs, it’s this simple piano ballad that feels the most interesting, the most affecting. As an album, it may not be that challenging, or as impactful as their first, but it feels like a record you can come back to time and time again, an album of diverse content portraying a band on a journey, one that you really want to be with them on.

Happyness’ new album Write In is out now.