If the first month or so of 2017 are any indication, it’s going to be a massive year for Hannah Lou Clark. Her latest single ‘Don’t Sweat It’ has us all excited for what’s to come. She’s going full steam ahead with not only an EP, but her own headline tour. We spoke to her about her brand-new EP, ‘The Heart And All Its Sin’ and the year ahead.

Your EP is out very soon, what can we expect from it? 

I recorded the EP with Tarek Musa from Spring King. We wanted to create drama within space rather than padding things out with too much production. The musical core is still my 70’s drum machine and over driven guitar, but there are a few more delicate touches.

‘Don’t Sweat It’ really shows love and loss – Does it feel good to release it into the world?

It feels good to get things moving again, and to hear people’s different takes on the lyrics. It’s cool because the song is no longer just mine.

You’ve previously said that your EP explores the complexities of love. How do you think your songs will do this?

Well one of the songs called ‘We’re Rich’ is a declaration of love, and ‘Grief Underneath’ for example is about realising it’s gone. I suppose in that sense the EP covers those highs and lows.

Why did you choose to name the EP ‘The Heart And All Its Sin’?

The title is lifted from the final track ‘Torment Love’. For me it sums up all the songs in a bit of a tongue-in-cheek way. Not everything the heart desires is considered good and holy by some people.

What do fans have to look forward to when you head off on tour in April?

I’ll be taking a band out with me for this tour. I’ve done a few full band shows, but not a proper run as of yet. We’ll be playing songs from all the EP’s, plus some cheeky new ones.

You’ve shared stages with the likes of Ezra Furman, Thurston Moore and Gaz Coombes. Are you a fan of their music? And how did it feel to play alongside them?

I am definitely a fan of their music, in particular Thurston Moore. I’m a big Sonic Youth fan so that was a true honour. Playing shows with people you admire is really inspiring. I picked up new musical ideas, as well as some good anecdotes!

How does it compare to playing your own shows? Do you prefer bigger or more intimate shows? 

I’ve not played many of my own shows yet, but it’s a really great feeling when more than a handful of people turn up! I wouldn’t be able to choose, as you get a different kind of rush with both. I’d say that smaller shows are more daunting because I feel more exposed.

You recently announced that you are part of the very exciting line-up at Deer-Shed Festival – will you be hoping to catch any of the acts?

Very much looking forward to it! I’ll definitely be watching Kate Tempest and Jesca Hoop.

Are there any artists who have inspired you? How much of an impact have they had on your music today?

Artists my parents listened to when I was growing up like Neil Young, Nirvana, and Portishead, are bands I still love and listen to. I think they have definitely wormed their way into my creative process.

Not many of your new fans will know that you used to be in a band. How different was it performing solo after Foe parted ways?

Even though Foe was presented with a band, it was pretty much a solo project too. The production was a big part of it, and the whole thing was a lot more theatrical. HLC is a lot more raw, and focused on the songs.

Is an album in the pipeline after your EP and tour?

I certainly hope so!

2017 has been great for new music so far – Are there any tracks you’re loving right now?

I really love ‘The Lost Sky’ by Jesca Hoop at the moment. So beautiful!

Her EP ‘The Heart And All Its Sin’ is out on March 24th. Tickets for her headline tour are available now.