hannahlouclark1The next step in Hannah Lou Clark’s bid to conquer the rock genre is here. Her new EP, ‘The Heart and All Its Sin’ takes us on a rollercoaster of love and loss, with tinges of attitude dropped in there.

The lead single ‘Don’t Sweat It’ was the first taste we got of 2017 with Hannah Lou Clark and it’s the epitome of a rock tune. Showing her tackling vulnerabilities in a time of unrest (“Champagne takes the edge off me”), but in a fearless manner, reminiscent of her hit from last year ‘It’s Your Love’ and mirrored in the gritty opening to the single.

Clark has even shown her desire to slow things down, with third track ‘We’re Rich’. Delicate guitars and thoughtful lyrics complimented with her gorgeous vocals. The slightest detail enhances the song’s deep meaning with the chorus starting with her singing “I’m rich” and eventually ascending into “We’re rich” by the song’s finale.

“I’ll be your lover, I’ll be your friend / I’ll be your mother, be there at the end”. ‘Matilda’ is the purest form of desire on the whole EP, boasting tones of femininity throughout the track in a variety of ways. But it’s without a doubt, the perfect combination of Clark’s sultry vocals, soaring guitar riffs and just the right amount of attitude. “Will we be lovers? Will we be friends? / Will we keep singing, ‘til there’s nothing left?” shows the grand culmination of the journey that Clark has been on throughout the song, and maybe even the whole EP.

With tour dates looming in April for Hannah Lou Clark, now is the right time to jump right into ‘The Heart And All Its Sin’ so you can follow Clark on the inevitable great year she’s got coming up.

‘The Heart And All Its Sin’ releases on March 24th through Quatre Femmes Records / PIAS