hajk_color-01775-gautegjoldahleSince their first single ‘Common Sense’ last October, Oslo’s Hajk have been teasing the world with their vibrant brand of indie pop with the summery ‘Magazine’ and synthy banger ‘Best Friend’. Now, their self-titled debut album offers all that and more in a collection of songs that fit fantastically in that blissful space between immediate, catchy pop music and more ‘serious’ indie.

Throughout the album, vocals are shared by Sælid Andersen and Sigrid Aase, who each bring a distinctly different quality to each song. Where the Anderson sung ‘Nothing Left to Say’ seems optimistic and upbeat when “everything is wrong”, Aese’s ‘Medicine’ and ‘Flowerdust’ show much more of an intricate and sensitive side. Other highlights include ‘I Don’t Remember’ which again, mixes the melancholic lyrical themes with a contrastingly sweet instrumental.

The albums closer ‘Somebody Else’ changes in tone dramatically, with just a piano replacing the bands usual instruments, revealing the sadness to its most obvious. The pretty piano and vocal melodies intertwine to create the albums most serious and emotive moment.

As danceable and fun as their debut may seems for the most part, Hajk have successfully created a unique, poppy sounding album which infuses melancholy themes with colourful, catchy music in a powerful way. This is an album you can come back to again and again, feeling a different emotion each time.