Photo Credit: Eli Russell Linnetz

Grimes shares her brand new single amidst an unofficial demo leak of her new album.

According to this post on Reddit, supposedly 5 new tracks from Grime’s forthcoming album have been leaked, including two versions of ‘Deth Angels,’ an instrumental for ‘Cryptid,’ a demo version of ‘4am’ and – presumably an older demo – ‘We Appreciate Power,’ of which the official single has also been released today.

Grimes first teased that “new music” was “imminent” earlier this month – in a tweet that has since been deleted – but came true of her promise today with this scorching Cyberpunk masterpiece:

With the leaked tracks being mostly instrumentals and old demo versions, it’s unlikely that the leak will affect the album rollout in any way, and, indeed, if any of the pieces will make it onto the album proper. But – what is certain – is that Grimes’ new album is definitely in the works.

We’re not one for spoiling a work before it’s finished, so we won’t be posting them here, but if you just can’t wait and need a black-market fix of what’s in store for Grimes… they’re certainly out there. Somewhere.