Aside from having one of the most varied and interesting musical line ups of the summer, Green Man 2017 has a range of activities for everyone to enjoy.


The Comedy

Aside from having some of the best musical acts on the lineup, Green Man boasts an impressive array of comedic talent. From the Friday til Sunday, the Last Laugh stage will host acts like the hilarious Josie Long, up and comers Lazy Susan and some Extreme Sports with James Hancox.


The Cinedrome

Many festivals have late night cinemas nowadays, but not many do it with such innovation. The Cinedrome will be playing shorts from the Tate’s Soul Of A Nation exhibit, the David Lynch classic Mullholland Drive, Sleaford Mods doc Bunch Of Kunst and even a live soundtracking of “worst movie ever made” Planet 9 From Outer Space. Oh, and The Lion King, that’s great too.


The Drinks

With locally-sourced beers, ales, ciders, wines and spirits available into the early mornings, the quality of the alcohol will surely be better than what you’re allowed in your plastic bottles.


The Talking Shop

This year The Talking Shop line up has everything from serious discussions about things like vinyl and the housing crisis to talks from Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh and a panel celebrating 15 years of the iconic festival.