When we heard Granular’s brilliant track ‘Ewe’, we had to find out more. With an upcoming album, we got them to talk about whats inspired the creation of XI.

What was the story behind your brilliant track ‘Ewe’?

‘Ewe’ is a track about growing up and becoming an adult, about all the problems people usually have growing up. Like the lyrics say: “but why does everything have to get so hard as I grow older?” Musically the song is based on a traditional rhythm from central Africa, called Ewe, which is counted in 6, 4 and 3. The rhythmical pattern that kind of started the development of the song did finally not end up in the song.


How would you describe the development of your music since you first started the project?

Since we started the project as teenagers, we went through a lot of changes. Some members left, others joined the band and while growing older personally and as a band, influences come and go. I think our music got a little bit less cheesy and happy and became more melancholic and down to earth I guess.


Is there a song which you are most proud of, if so, why?

We’ve had a song in our repertoire for some years called ‘Wire’ which we definitely wanted to record for the album. But as we got into the studio we weren’t really happy with it. So we rearranged the track and it developed in a pretty unusual way and it became one of our favourites on the album. You could say that we’re pretty proud of it because it’s so different.



Can you tell us about the tracks you’ve picked on the playlist and how they helped form the album?

These songs are not to be taken as specific influences for the album. It’s more like they represent the style of music that we listened to a lot while creating the album. It’s the way of song writing, the production style, the instrumentation or effects used in these songs that inspired us. Of course we’re also influenced by older, more classic music like The Beatles or Pink Floyd. But it’s not the kind of music that influenced the making of the album directly.


What can we expect from the album?

XI is a collection of ten songs. Some are brand new others are a bit older and they create a great mixture together. In the beginning we thought that the album never could be released because the songs are so different. But in the end they melted together pretty well. I think also because Timo Keller, who recorded the album with us, has his own sound of production and puts that on every song. So after all they all have a similar touch, even though they are so different.


Inspiration Playlist: