Credit: Netti Hurley

Oxford’s Willie J Healey has been worming his way into our hearts straight through our ears for quite a while and now he’s gearing up to release his debut album.

Getting into music at a young age when his family would play songs together every Christmas, we know – adorable right? “I learnt guitar so I could and still can join in. My Mum and Dad also have great music taste, so I was destined to be a music fan” he explains. 

His sense of humour and general down to earth presence, not to mention his charming laid-back indie tracks, has been winning him fans up and down the country. His recent track ‘Lazy Shade of Pink’ is the epitome of all things Willie J Healey, about “how a normal day can sometimes become a daydream/surreal. You know, like, there are so many channels on this TV in my head might explode or what if I slit my own throat shaving?” The type of thoughts that we’re all guilty of experiencing at one point or another; and that’s exactly what you get when you speak to Healey, a laid-back, everyday guy experiencing life just like the rest of us, the boy next door if you will… except, he’s super talented.

I love to play music, I like most films. Sometimes I read but I’d like to read more. I was born backwards, arrived sideways. I get frustrated with supermarket queues, feel huge amounts of pressure while using self-service checkouts.

Healey’s friend Joseph Bird was the creative force behind the ‘Lazy Shade of Pink’ video, “Joseph’s great t hearing ideas out and collaborating. Lots of the shots were just of us all riffing. The last few videos have all been similar to that, Sam Hiscox has a similar style. Laid back, but with good direction!” He reveals, “for me, it’s great to feel involved,” he adds.

His debut album, titled People and Their Dogs (we can’t express how much we love the name), set for release on August 18th. With a massive thirteen tracks in it, “it’s a collection of songs that I’m really happy with” Healey tells us, adding “I’m not going to tell peeps what to expect… that would ruin the surprise.” However, we asked him to sum it up in three words, to which he replied, “I hate everyone”. So, make of that what you will.

Between now and the album’s release he’s got a few festival appearances, where, hopefully, we’ll be able to catch a sneak preview or two of the album.

You’ll be able to catch Healey at Truck, Citadel and Boardmasters festivals.