The L.A trio dish out the facts on their upcoming EP The Taste of Another…

RÓSA take themselves and their music very seriously, and who can blame them? Since forming in 2016 the Los Angeles based trio have honed their emotive brand of electro-pop to needlepoint precision. Their 2017 EP Wasteful bubbled with lush guitars and throbbing synths on tracks ‘Without You’ and ‘Alone’, and their more recent releases ‘Stranger’ and now ‘Nightmare’ fritter away any excess to reveal the bittersweet bones of the band.

Below they discuss their hometown, gear and plans for 2018…

What are the origins of the band and how you formed?

RÓSA formed at a religious conference in Southern California. We were the only kids there that were hip and with it. So we talked and became friends. God brought us together and for that we are forever grateful to her.

How has the reception of ‘Stranger’ been preceding the release of your EP?

The reception of ‘Stranger’ has been great. Everyone loves it and loves us. We did a live video for Journeys the shoe store in your local mall. It’s also on some new show called Dating Zoe. I’m very excited for the validation because my self-concept was damaged after the last EP.

Are you feeling ready and excited for the release show on the 23rd?

The show at The Satellite is going to be the single most exciting event in LA that night. Everyone is going to be there. Our friends are opening the night so it’s gunna be fun. A lot of pretty girls and emotionally available guys are coming. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

LA is a cultural city and a hotbed for interesting music. How much does the city inform and influence your music?

The city is cool. We like to go to the cool neighbourhoods and wear our best clothes and try and fit in. The only reason I make music is to belong in LA. Art is the highest cultural value here, except maybe money, but it’s close in our subculture. So we got the artist thing going, now we need money.

Were there any significant influences – experiences, music or otherwise – when writing The Taste Of Another?

So much music. Everything about life influences art. Some existentialist said that “ideas return to life” and I want to add that life returns to art and the cyclical pattern continues.

You engineer and mix your own records. Is this something that you’ve done throughout all of your releases?

No, the first two were done with others. This was the first we made all on our own. That is why it is the best and most special cuz no one muddied our creative brilliance.

What do you find to be the main benefits of recording your own music?

The main benefit to working on our own is that we are free and get what we want and isn’t that what America is all about?

Are there any particular pieces of gear that you own and love that live in your home studio and have made their way on to the new record?

Ya, thanks for asking about this question. Because musicians obsess over gear but no one else gives a fuck. We only want to talk about girls and gear but no one will listen.

We used a lot of the Yamaha DX7 on this as well as the Prophet as far as synthesizers go. We also got the Tempest drum machine as well as the Alesis HR-16 from the 80s which is cool. We are running our guitars through the Roland Jazz Chorus 120 from the 80s. So, basically we are pretty cool. We of course had fancy mics and compressors and preamps and other shit people really don’t care about.

Are there any pieces of equipment that you’re currently yearning after?

The list of gear we want is too long. We want the classic Juno or Jupiter. We want the mellotron. Owning a Linn drum and an 808 would be a dream. Having a 4-track to run stuff through would be very cool as well. We want everything.

What are the plans for the project throughout the rest of 2018?

We want to see where this EP takes us and keep writing amazing music.

RÓSA’s new single ‘Nightmare’ is out now. Their EP – The Taste of Another – is out 23rd February, when they play a headline gig at The Satellite in Los Angeles.