Following the release of their excellent new EP Paycheck, we sought find out a little more about Dutch indie-pop powerhouse Pip Blom

Just two years since their conception, Pip Blom are receiving swathes of attention and acclaim for their unique brand of indie-pop. After uploading music online and quickly building a following, front-woman and namesake, Pip Blom, decided to recruit a band in order to allow her to take her music on tour. It’s safe to say that they have never looked back since.

With their unshakeable work ethic and penchant for crafting great tunes, The Amsterdam-based outfit’s ascent looks to have only just begun. Their latest EP Paycheck was released with similar acclaim to the work that preceded it and the band are consistently breaking through the 100,000 plays mark on Spotify. As the band continue to climb and establish themselves, we sought to catch up with them and get to know some more the project.

Being from the Netherlands and particularly Amsterdam, would you say that has influenced your sound?

I’m not really sure if the Netherlands/Amsterdam has played a big part in the sound of our music. The bands that have influenced us are mostly from abroad. Although I do need to say that a really important band for us, especially in the beginning, is Canshaker Pi. We supported them through a club tour in the Netherlands and we learnt so much from it. The energy that they had on stage was so cool and we really wanted to do something similar.

What other things or artists do you take of influence from?

The Breeders, Micachu and The Shapes, Parquet Courts, and Blur all have played a really big part at the beginning when I started writing the songs. And they still influence what we do. But it’s always difficult to pinpoint exactly who and what influence the music we make. It always feels like you’re a big sponge, soaking up lots of different things during the day and from other bands and people. And then when I start writing, I take small parts from everything and a bit from myself.

You recently released your latest EP, Paycheck, what was the process like bringing it to life?

I had written a few songs that we all really liked but we hadn’t really used for anything yet. We recorded them in two batches, a few months apart. I’m really happy with how diverse it has turned out. I think all the songs are really different and fun fact: we had a member switch during the recording of the ep. So that means there are three different drummers on the EP: Camiel, Gini and a drum computer.

Are you pleased with the reception that it got?

Yes! Really happy. It’s always a bit scary when you release stuff that you’ve worked on for a long time, especially cause you’re always so stuck in your own bubble making songs. We would never release stuff that we don’t like. But still: you’ve put a lot of love into recording it. You hope people can hear that and appreciate it. And luckily that happened!

We love your single ‘Come Home’, could you tell us a bit more about it?

It’s all based around this one drum loop that I found. I really liked it and started playing on it. It’s funny cause a lot of reviews have said something along the line that the songwriting has really progressed and is a lot more mature. But this is one of the oldest songs I’ve written haha.

 How would you describe the journey that you’ve been on to get to where you are now?

It’s crazy. Absolute nuts. I mean, I had never, ever, expected for us to get this far in just two years. And I love every part about it. Of course, it’s really hard work. And it’s not only making music. But we’ve done so many cool things over the last two years.

What would you say have been some highlights of your time as a band?

There are a lot, but two of my personal faves are definitely supporting the Breeders on their europe tour and recording our first ever record.

You are about to embark on a UK headline tour. What should people expect from your live show?

Fun and energy. We really like playing so I hope that it comes across!

Credit; @jj_musicphotos

Are there any shows or venues in the UK that you particularly love or have fond memories of?

One of my favourite UK venues doesn’t exist anymore but The Winchester in Bournemouth is used to be such a cool place. The backstage was completely covered in plants and had this jungle theme. And the hall was just nuts, with weird props everywhere.

What does the future hold for Pip Blom?

We’re releasing an album in 2019 and hopefully we can play lots and lots of shows all over the world. Cause that’s so much fun.


Paycheck is out now through Nice Swan Records.