Reborn and bringing a refreshing sound to her development as an artist, we got to know Alternative Pop artist, Martha Hill. Find out how she got to where she is right now…

Martha Hill has the world in the palm of her hands. 3 killer singles have been released within the past year all identifying honest topics of independence. We got hold of Martha for a getting to know feature to find out more about the songwriter and her plans for the future.

Hey hey! How are all things Martha? Did you have a good 2018? We definitely did at Born Music with both your singles being part of a fantastic year.

Hey! Yeah I’m good thanks. 2018 was a great first year for me! As you know, I released my debut single “Spiders” followed by “Wallflower”, and they managed between them to reach over 45000 Spotify streams which was amazing. It was also great in terms of playing live- one of the highlights being supporting Maximo Park at The Sage, Gateshead whilst being accompanied by an orchestra! Just loads of amazing moments.

It’s been a week since your last release, wow! Tell us a bit about the new track “Reborn.”

I’m really happy to be releasing more music. This track is quite cello-based, Ceitidh Mac plays a leading part in it. It’s really a song about loss and growth. It’s about how strength can come out of a difficult time.

As this is a getting to know feature, can you tell us a bit on your background on why you got into music?

Yeah course. I was raised in Dunoon on a small peninsular on the west coast of Scotland, and originally got into music playing classical trombone. I took up guitar and songwriting when I was about 14 and my mates and I were in various angsty teenage emo bands. I was never the front person, usually the drummer. Left when I was 17 years old and travelled around Europe street performing before settling in Newcastle and making a living busking.

When I was 19 I was picked up by Holy Moly and the Crackers as their trombone player, and that’s where I got a real taste of life as a professional musician! After having supported them a bit, and made more of a name for myself as a solo musician, I made the decision to go my own way last year. Lead by the release of “Spiders”…

Who would you say are your influences within music?

I grew up listening to Neil Young, Janis Joplin, Tom Waits and Nina Simone. I’m loving Sylvan Esso and Tune-Yards at the moment. I get influenced a lot by the musicians around me as well, people I gig with or jam with.

How would you describe the music industry at the moment? Is there something that you would change in it?

As a woman there are more opportunities now than ever before, as the cultural sexism of the industry is really starting to be challenged. But there’s still a long way to go. I’m putting on a festival at Cobalt Studios on the 10th-12th May called “Women Are Mint” which is aiming towards balancing the books a bit, especially when it comes to festival line-ups.

What’s the songwriting process usually like for you? Instrumentation first or lyrics? or BOTH?

Generally I get one line of a song- melody and lyrics together- and then I grow on that first line.

You have 3 singles in your wonderful discography, will 2019 see a full length release, maybe an EP or something along those lines?

Hmm.. will it? haha

What’s the one dream venue that you hope to play one day?

I don’t really have a dream venue. Maybe I more dream of headlining at a festival or something, that’s more where my roots are- in the festival scene!

Do you have any advice to someone who has just started out as a musician?

Just play everywhere all the time to anyone that will listen! Listen to people around you and learn from them. Learn your craft both as a musician and as a business person.

Best of luck with the latest single; what do you have in store next?
I’m playing a gig at The Sage, Gateshead on the 22nd March and I also have a show at The Leyton Technical, London on the 23rd May. I’m also currently working towards a new release… watch this space!

Lovely to catch up with Martha. Check out her entire discography so far below.