Delivering you another slice of Bestival, we caught up with Blossom Caladrone following her stunning set

It’s been a week since we trekked home from Bestival, and even with what seemed like the longest journey ever… we still have those Bestival Blues. We have one more very exciting feature from our Bestival experience to share with you all.  After watching Blossom Caladone’s stunning set, we were lucky enough to interview the young singer/songwriter and catch up with her after her Sunday morning set.

Blossom Caladrone said that ‘this is my first big show this year’ as she is used to playing at small festivals down south, telling us she has played at lots of beer and cider festivals. She has only done two or three of her own official gigs but she says she prefers playing at ‘festivals because there are more people that you wouldn’t expect to be there’. 


Your performance was stunning. How did you find your set today? 

Thank you. I thought it was really fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect because it was quite early and everyone’s obviously a bit hungover, but I feel like it was quite a downbeat set so it was fine to just sit, so yeah it was really fun.


If you had to describe your music in thee words what would they be?

Frank, honest and fun.


What’s the best part about playing at a festival?

There’s a lot more to it.  If you were playing at a venue then you just do the gig and you just leave but here you can go on rides and eat food, lots of other stuff.


Which artists inspire your music the most?

It depends. At the moment I’ve been listening to loads of York.  I don’t think there’s a direct link, just anyone I like really. It all accumulates. So anyone really.


We loved your new song ‘Bed’ that you’ve been working on. Will you be releasing it soon?

I hope so. I really want to do a proper studio recording for it, but I just need to get the studio time and book it in. It takes a while and its quite expensive to book studio but yeah I want to do that properly and then release it next year.


What have you got planned for the rest of the year? Releasing new material in September?

Yeah I’m doing a few feature things which will be really fun I think and then I’m putting some more songs out in September time, two more songs and a new video which is the most exciting thing. I’m so excited to put it out, I think it’s going to be so fun. Then maybe a small tour at the end of next year and another headline show.


It seems like Blossom Caladrone was as exhausted as we were because after asking if she had seen anyone at Bestival over the weekend she replied with, ‘I saw Jimmy Cliff last night for about half an hour because we got here really late so I didn’t have much time and then I fell asleep’,  she laughs.

Talking about her set and how she wasn’t used to playing on such a massive stage, Blossom said she made sure she pushed everything close together so she ‘felt more comfortable’. Even with just herself and her piano, Blossom seemed to work the Mainstage and create magic during her set. Intrigued by the young artist’s confidence to play just the piano and sing on a few of her songs,  we wanted to know what other musical talent she possessed. ‘The cello is my favourite to play’, Blossom told us, playing since she was just three years old. Blossom said that she would have loved to play the cello during her set however she said it didn’t agree with the heat and she didn’t want it to get ruined if peopled threw stuff onto the stage as it’s a very expensive instrument.

Blossom said that Bestival ‘seems quite collecting, there’s a lot going on here. There’s a lot more to it, then just you know what you’re going to get. It’s good. Really good.’  She hopes that you listen to her new song and ‘just press play’,  and after hearing her live set we definitely agree with her!

Frank, honest and fun