Elegantly finding her way to the top, we caught up with Beckie Margaret to talk all the exciting things lined up for her and what happens behind the scenes

Alternative artist Beckie Margaret has uplifted the past few years to make them a lot more capable. Creating a strong back catalogue, the songstress really has taken the indie pop world by storm. We caught up with Beckie to find out what’s next in store. After the exceptional single “New York”, the future is really looking fantastic for the songwriter. 

Hey lovely! Thanks for chatting to us at Born Music. How was 2018 for you? Tell us some of your highlights and even lows. 

Thank you for having me! 2018 was probably one of the hardest years so far. Emotionally it was quite low but the decision to channel that into music really resulted in a break through with my writing and what I wanted to say in my future songs. 

Are there any artists or even things that you take influence from? 

I take massive influence from Jeff Buckley and his ability to use the tone of his voice so strongly and emotionally. Also Amy Winehouse for the honesty in her lyrics. Bon Iver for his soundscapes as well James Blake for general beauty of writing that I aspire to. 

Fantastic to see the reception that “New York” has had, what was the songwriting process behind that track? We’d love to know the full story behind it.

‘New York’ was definitely a risk to decide to release. It’s a really sensitive song for me and I wrote it extremely quickly when I was in a darkened corner, after being left alone completely loving someone who wasn’t interested.

Will 2019 see any upcoming releases?

2019 will definitely see some new releases! I’m working on a special project at the moment and am excited to release more statement tracks.

We absolutely adore, ‘Cars & Catacombs’, what was the process like writing and making that? Getting Marika Hackman mixed with Lana Del Rey vibes! 

Thank you so much. ‘Cars & Catacombs’ was written out of nowhere to be honest. I was quite lost around the time I made that, I didn’t know what I wanted to say as an artist or who I wanted to be. I think that song came quite quickly to me when I was travelling on long train journeys; watching people commute to jobs they were miserable and stuck in to provide for people they love. 

When you’re not doing anything musically, what’s the first thing you do when you need some ‘you’ time? 

Making music is definitely the only time I’m truly content. I do write when I’m not making noise, poetry and lyrics and concepts are something I’ve always loved. On a more materialistic note, scanning through vintage shops is definitely therapeutic. .

Is there a favourite task you do when producing/recording/writing? What’s the one thing that makes you love doing what you do even more and why?

At the moment I absolutely adore sitting down at a piano. I’m not typically a piano player but I find beauty in playing an instrument I don’t know everything about. I always switch up my approaches when I’m writing so this is something new I’ve found and have come to love.

Do you have any upcoming shows that you’d like to talk about? Maybe an exciting one on March 28th *cough cough* ?

I do have a very exciting show on the 28th of March, at The Islington. Doing headline shows really excites me and I’m buzzing to play some new songs with my band.

How would you describe your journey so far as a musician? Right from the very beginning, overall, has it been everything you’d ever thought it would be?

It definitely has been what I thought it would be, it’s really hard to be an artist and juggle all of the self doubt and self criticism. I got into music because it saves my life and it continues to do that, I think it saves a lot of people’s lives. If I can help someone with my music or I can help myself escape then it’s gotta be a good thing.

What’s in store next for Beckie Margaret?

I’m working on an album currently, it’s definitely my favourite getting in the studio with Rees at SS2 Recording and being able to bring life to things that are important to me. I’m excited to just keep releasing music that people will hopefully enjoy.

Well there we have it. Check out Beckie’s Spotify to find all her releases in one place.