We tracked down Belfast indie-pop trio Beauty Sleep to discuss the creative process, influences and house parties!

We understand you met at a house party, but were you all musically inclined before that?

Cheylene: We did meet at a house party! But we were all in different bands playing music before that. Me and Ryan actually played in a few bands together before Beauty Sleep, and on the night of the party we were talking about starting up a new band that was a bit synthier and groovier… when we met Aimee that night and got talking about music, it all seemed to come together!

Ryan: Yeah, we had all been in bands before but wanted a new challenge. Me and Cheylene wanted to sing and write songs together, involve great people and go round in a van solving mysteries with a dog.

Do you come from musical backgrounds and families?

Aimee: Yes. Music taste and abilities have been passed down through the family. A long line of bassists!

Cheylene: Yeah, my whole family are musicians. My parents are classical musicians, my grandma taught me the violin, my mum taught me the piano. Music was always around – I started playing in bands and writing songs around 14 though.

Ryan: No one else in our house was huge into music but my parents were always so supportive throughout the years of bum notes and musical experiments. But it’s gone full circle, Cheylene is currently teaching my mum the piano!

What music were you all brought up on?

Ryan: Nu-Metal was everywhere when I was growing up, it was horrible. I heard Nevermind and it changed my life!

Aimee: Rock n roll and funky disco. My dad introduced me to all this and I would have been digging whatever my older siblings were listening to.

Cheylene: I had a ‘disco fever’ compilation CD that I wore out when I was a kid that had a lot of Donna Summers and Michael Jackson on it that is still an excellent listen from start to finish

What inspired you to create dream-pop music rather than rock or electro-pop, for example?

Cheylene: I guess when we started writing as Beauty Sleep we just wanted to make music that was really exciting and honest from our perspective. We talk in colours a lot – Beauty Sleep has always been very pink/purple/blue. When we went to actually release the songs, dream-pop seemed to be the genre that fit the most and it stuck!

Ryan: I think it’s just because we had to call it something but it’s generally songs about mental health with lovely synths.

What do Beauty Sleep stand for?

Cheylene: We’re all big dreamers, feminists, mental health advocates. Be who you are, empathise with other perspectives, go and have adventures, make mistakes and fuck what anyone else thinks you should do.

Ryan: Don’t be a dick, be good to others.

What is your creative process like? Do you prefer an orchestrated, methodical way of writing or do you prefer to ‘jam’ together and let emotion do the talking?

Cheylene: Both and neither! It changes per song. The most common way is one of us creates a demo with a lovely vibe or starting point then we’ll bounce it between us or get in a room and continue to finish writing it. Sometimes that means a lot of methodical thinking and hard work. Sometimes it just comes flying out of nowhere all beautifully formed already.

What messages do you want to portray with your music and what is the aim of Beauty Sleep?

Cheylene: Inspire people to be themselves, find a little magic in life and maybe dance around their room a little bit.

What or who inspires you the most?

Cheylene: We inspire each other I think. Being in Beauty Sleep makes me feel like I have superpowers and I can do anything. My friends in general really inspire me.

Ryan: Yeah! My friends and my parents.

What or who influences you the most?

Aimee:  If I were to choose an inspirational person it’s gotta be St. Vincent. What a babe.

Cheylene: Yes! St Vincent and Beyonce are my spirit animals.

What sort of atmosphere do you like to create when performing live?

Aimee: We want our gigs to just be like throwing a really sweet party. Dishing out the good vibes and putting a little effort into production so that it looks sweet as well as sounding sweet. A big dreamy party

Ryan: A joyous party!

Do you have anything exciting coming up?

Cheylene: We’re finishing off our debut album in the studio at the minute which we’re super excited about. It will be released in the Autumn. In the meantime – lots of summer festivals!

Beauty Sleep’s latest single ‘The Feeling Back’ is available to stream and download on all platforms now.