To celebrate the release of their new single ‘Teriyaki’, a masterful track full of distortion and beautiful guitar pop that will have you humming the melodies along for days; we caught up with the band to get to know them a bit more before they really hit the big time.

Hi GET INUIT, so firstly give me some background into the band. When did it all begin? 

Jamie Glass (vocals): A couple years ago, way back when we were all young and carefree, Rob (Drums), James (Guitar), Oliver (Bass) and I  decided to start making noise together. There wasn’t really anyone else we could have worked with in our little town. It was either start a band, or grow up and get real jobs.

Where did the name come from?

Oliver loves a play on words. “Get Inuit” – “Get Into It’ – Get it? Oliver hasn’t been allowed to make any decisions since. We can only apologise.

We noticed that James and Rob are brothers. Do you guys ever disagree over the music like other musical siblings?

They don’t really argue over the music at all, only every other aspect of their lives. If there hasn’t been at least three Simpson bickerings by the time we’ve arrived at a venue, it’s bad luck. They love each other deeply though. Too much if you ask me.

I know you do everything in house from recording & mixing to music videos and even the artwork. Do you think this has helped you create a strong identity from the get go?

I think it has given us a broader knowledge of the mechanics of an artist in the music industry that perhaps we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t kept everything “in-house”. There are so many moving parts that all have such an impact of how your band is perceived as a “brand”. There is genuine warmth in knowing that all of our success and mistakes come down to our tight knit group’s vision. Terrifying warmth.

As a collective who would you say are your biggest influences?

Our mothers. But musically, we like to dissect the iconic albums – “Rumours”, “Parallel Lines”, “Doolittle” etc. The pop sensibilities and history, there’s this desire to unlock each track’s secrets and use it for our own evil gain.

 You have previously supported bands like Slaves, PUP & DZ Deathrays. If you could share the stage with any band in the future who would it be?

Oh this is a tricky one! I’m going to give a very twee answer and say Spring King, as it just so happens that we have the pleasure of doing so for the whole of October. A tremendous band that we thoroughly enjoy the prospect of clinging onto their collective coat tails!

You are thick into the festival season. What have you enjoyed about it so far, and what festivals are you excited to play?

The crowds have been tremendous. Oliver sacrificed a goat to the Festival Slot Gods before the summer and it has well and truly paid off! We have had packed shows, both with fans we’ve already made on previous tour dates as well as brand new listeners. It’s been perfect! Truck Festival was a particular stand out! There’s a few more festivals on the horizon, some still unannounced. But let’s just say it’s going to be fun brushing the dust off of our passports!

What festival would you love to be playing next year?

I’d love to get the opportunity to play Glastonbury. I know it’s the big one for British acts, but it’s always one of those landmarks you set yourself when starting a band.

Finally, do you have any plans for the rest of the year? Do we expect to hear some new music?

Yes! Lots of new music coming very soon! A brand new single will be dropped over the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be a fun one! Keep those ears to the ground. I can’t say anymore. Don’t make me! Stop!