Crammed with emotion and huge hooks in equal measure, Future Generations return with their new full length album ‘Landscape’.

There are a glut of exciting young bands that are currently crafting upbeat and colourful electronic indie-pop. The nature of the genre means that the artists can provide their own unique flavours and sounds, can carve out their niche and as a result, really set themselves apart. While many artists sink amid this saturated landscape, those that stand out have a tendency to represent fresh, exciting ideas that revitalise the genre.

Brooklyn’s Future Generations are one of these bands.

Their latest LP Landscape, released through Frenchkiss Records, represents the wealth of multi-faceted ideas that the band possess. ‘Stranger’ is the opening track. A layered, futuristic effort that showcases the album’s seamless production. Guitars are merged with offbeat electronics that subsequently make for an almost robotic experience. The smooth marriage of the tracks catchy hooks and eccentric charm make for an enjoyable introduction to the album.

‘Caught Me By Surprise’ represents a complete tonal shift for the band. The opening synths suddenly sound more akin to Mac Demarco’s ‘Chamber of Reflection’ than the futuristic disco that preceded it. The tracks sombre tone and thoughtful lyrics create a melancholy atmosphere that eventually gives way to a more familiar upbeat one, before subduing once again. It is a memorable, distinctive track that blends acoustic guitars with electronic sounds and hazy electric riffs, juxtaposing them flawlessly.

Bouncy synths and a steady drumbeat make up the backbone of ‘All The Same’, which feeds into its into its love-sick chorus. “Don’t ever come back while my heart’s still intact, I’ll hide ’til you find me” vocalist Eddie Gore requests. Unfortunately the infectious tracks heartfelt emotion is sure inspire listeners to return for repeat listens.

Throughout the rest of album the young band continue to showcase their prowess for writing catchy, indelible indie pop. From the infectious chorus of ‘Out Loud’ to the hypnotic, winding sound of ‘Hurry Home’. Future Generations push and pull their sound around the boundaries of pop, making for an album that ceases to grow dull or feel tired.

The album closes with ‘Incomplete’. An introspective, measured track that sounds almost like a laid-back R&B single at times. The warm synths and smooth beat meet Gore’s most soulful vocal delivery on the album. It isn’t different enough from the rest of the album to feel jarring or out of place, but is consequently the final indicator of the range the band possess and the places that they can take their sound.

As a result, Landscapes is a stellar effort that cements Future Generations credentials. We caught up with the band to find out more about this great album and the people behind it.

Congratulations on your new album ‘Landscape’ just dropping, what’s the story behind this album?

It’s an album about nothing because nothing matters. The universe is infinite so this interview has happened an infinite amount of times. It’s also about losing love and finding love again. But mostly it’s about how nothing matters. We think.

What would you say your biggest influences were when putting it together?

Sylvan Esso, Frank Ocean, Future Islands, Rostam, Hippo Campus, Vampire Weekend, Cindy Lauper, Eric Church, Luke Brian, Tiny Tim, Sure Sure, Bahamas, Kevin Parker, Snail Mail, John Mayer forever and always, Phoenix, to name too many..

Are you pleased with how it came out and the reception it has received?

All we know is we love it and are proud of it and couldn’t be happier with it. How others receive it is out of our control and not something we think too much about. Of course it’s nice to see people enjoying it, we want to make music that we love to listen to and perform first and foremost.

What should people expect from a Future Generations live show?

High energy, happiness, nostalgia, friendship, jubilation and love.

What plans are in the horizon for the band?

Our plan is to ascend to world domination only to have a very public and dramatic break up. Or maybe we just continue grinding, touring and growing together as the best of friends living out our dream..

Future Generations’ album Landscape is available now.