The Brighton band tease their set ahead of August’s FUTURE CUTS.

Thyla have been making waves since their retro-pop sound made a welcome return earlier this year. The Brighton four-piece made a stellar comeback with the bittersweet addiction of ‘Ferris Wheels’ before subverting all expectations with ambitious successive release ‘Pristine Dream’, evoking lucid thoughts of Cocteau Twins in its wake.

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say Born Music is excited to present the band alongside Dumb Lovers and headliners Jakil at this month’s FUTRE CUTS. Taking place at The Finsbury in North London on Saturday 19th August, it’s a great opportunity to catch the best new acts before they blow up! Get to know the band a little better ahead of their slot… (psst, it’s FREE entry btw)

We’re very happy to have Thyla take part in this month’s FUTURE CUTS! What can we expect from your headline?

A dinner service of many delicious entrees; not some all-you-can-eat buffet. Expect us to sound like we’ve been together in this line up for a while. It’ll be a snapshot from our best angle.

Your music has a summery retro vibe. What made you settle on that sound?

I suppose that’s the aesthetic that we feel is us. Most genres have different generations of bands that took the baton and redefined it. “Heavy metal” can mean many different sounds or eras. Maybe we feel we have something to offer to the post-punk/ new romantic/ new wave/ shoegaze family tree. Interbreeding stuff to create a hybrid….deep.


We loved your recent track ‘Ferris Wheels’! Tell us a little about what inspired it.

‘Ferris Wheels’ is fantasy-rich yet neurotic. Musically it was inspired by a feeling at the time, lyrically it tells a tale of heartache.

Are there any bands or artists that inspire your music?

Anything spanning 1979- 1998 has probably informed our writing. Everything’s a hand-me-down from someone who borrowed it from someone else. Whether we know it or not we’re all plagiarists. No one can just dream up all these ideas on their own, although I read an article once where Connan Mockasin said he’d never listened to any bands. The answer to the question is Connan Mockasin.

You’re a Brighton band and there has been a lot of great music coming from there as of late. Why do you think creative people are drawn to the city?

Brighton is a creative catchment area for the whole UK. Most people here aren’t from here, 90% of Brighton bands are a motley of people from all over the UK. It’s sunnier than most places which helps inward looking minds.

What is your favourite song to perform and why? What tends to be best received by your audience?

Our latest single, ‘Pristine Dream’. It’s the first song that we wrote in this lineup. It’s definitely one of our more sexier tunes and engages the audience without fail – even when the sound engineer is caca.

For better or for worse, what has been your most memorable gig so far?

Most memorable gig was when we played The Haunt supporting VANT. We were on at 7.00pm and thought it was going to be a graveyard shift. To our massive surprise 150 eager VANT fans stormed in at 7.02pm packing the place out. They gave a lot of energy and we reciprocated with one of the best shows we had ever played up to that date.

Have you ever been to a gig that has left you inspired to be better performers yourselves?

When you go to a gig and think, “this sounds awful”, but end up watching the whole thing with no memory of how you got there. That’s when you’ve watched charismatic performers, that can be inspiring. The deadly combo of both is obviously great too.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

The old ritual beer to take the edge off is customary.

Give us three reasons why people should come see your set at The Finsbury on July 15th (we may or may not hold you to any promises!)

1. We’ve never practiced a set so hard before so by pure probability it’s likely to be better than any of our other shows.

2. There’s a brand new song you’ve never heard, even if your a dedicated Chicken Thyla.

3. Imagine telling your grandchildren you missed this gig because you were too busy Netflixing and Chilling.

Thyla’s latest single ‘Pristine Dream’ is out now. The band play Born Music’s Future Cuts on Saturday 19th August supporting Jakil alongside Dumb Lovers. FREE Entry y’all.