For those yet to be acquainted with the flame-haired singer/songwriter Joe Jury, we thought we would get to know the musician a little better. Ahead of his performance at Future Cuts on June 17 with Pleasure House and Shanghai Blues, we sat down to chat through his debut EP, pre-show rituals and what’s next in for Joe.

Hey! For those who haven’t listened to you yet, how would you describe
your sound?

Pop music and because the sound is constantly evolving I’m just going to say pop music. I take influence from Michael Jackson all the way from Dylan and Van Morrison.

How did you come to get into music?

I was in a band from the age of 11, we played as loud as we could. It was super fun, we did a few AC/DC covers and wrote a fair bit of our own stuff. I then picked up a guitar at about 14 and began to write my own songs. It was incredibly liberating and I very quickly decided that this is what I wanted to do.

You have an EP out, The Streets of Campden, tell us a bit about that?

The EP spans about 5 years of my life, it’s a record about my formative years. Songs like ‘Streets of Campden’ and ‘Loved you Since Yesterday’ I started writing when I was 17 so it certainly holds a lot of memories. ‘Streets of Campden’ is a love letter to my hometown Chipping Campden, it’s an ode to the people and the place, I grew up In that town and did some really stupid things there. What I hoped from that EP was a real sense of naivety and youth, I hope I achieved that.

What went into the decision-making process of which tracks made it onto
the EP?

I sat down with my producer and played him about 20 songs and we narrowed it down to 4 tracks, there were songs like ‘Streets of Campden’ which were always going to go on the EP as it’s the title track. It was a pretty simple process, to be honest.

You just played a free show at The Victoria in London with Mowbeck and
Bare Traps, how was that?

That was an awesome show, it was the first gig with the band so it was really exciting. I felt like it was the start of a really interesting & new live show.

You’ve played a number of acoustic sets with the likes of Sofar Sounds, do you have a
preference between playing stripped back or with a band?

I like doing both stripped back sets and full band. I’ve played a lot of acoustic shows in the past so playing with the band is new and exciting.

You’re playing Future Cuts for us in a few weeks, what can we expect
from your set?

It should be quite a big sound and hopefully close to the records. I’ll be playing some new songs and some old songs. I’ll be performing my new single which is going to be released soon. I personally think the set is pretty dynamic so I’m sure no one will be bored! I’m looking forward to it.

Do you have a pre-show jam? a guilty pleasure perhaps?

Britney Spears – ‘Oops.. I did it again’. Big tune.

What/who else influences/inspirations would you say play a part in the
creation of your music?

I suppose as long as I feel passionate about a subject I’ll write about it. So people and places inspire me a lot of the time but I could end up writing about anything. It’s a good time to write at the moment especially with the state of the world! I do tend to listen to music and then think ‘ I want to write something just like that’. I think that’s quite a generational way of thinking.

What’s next for Joe Jury in 2017?

My new single is going to be released in the next couple of months. It’s a really fun song, I think people are going to like it.