August is nearly upon us and with it is another #FUTURECUTS, from us to you, for FREE at The Finsbury in London.

We have another super special lineup in store for you, with a secret, yet totally worth the wait, headliner. Thyla and Dumb Lovers, who we are so excited to introduce you to.

Your latest release, “Jessie” is amazing! Can you tell us a little bit about what it means?

Jessie is a song about people who trade in their dreams for what society expects of them. we think of it as a finger up to conforming, it’s also about a specific person in our lives… but we will never reveal who it’s about.

Do you feel like your latest single ‘Jessie’ is a much more mature sound to that of your older work?

We wouldn’t necessarily say more so than the rest of our tunes but it’s definitely the song that we think we’ll take us down other avenues. it evolved from a sound that couldn’t have been further away from what it is now. I (Robin) took the original demo, slowed it down and added the synth bass sound which has really changed the way we visualise our sound.


We can’t stress enough that ‘Jessie’ is brilliant, so what can we expect from your next releases?

Thank you! it really does mean a lot because it’s been one of the more ‘experimental’ songs we’ve written. You can expect more colours to our pretty diverse palette, more love songs and a few very dark songs as well.


Can you tell us if there is an EP or Album in the works? If so, can you tell us more?

We are currently writing what we hope to be a large EP or potentially an album.


You’re from the South Coast, do you feel that it is important for bands as yourselves to seek fame in much bigger cities to gain popularity?

yeah definitely, We’ve been in lots of different bands for a number of years now and the south coast (mainly Dorset) has always had a lack of music scene. We definitely love where we are tho, the tranquillity can really aid the creative process.

What other musicians, from the South, should we be aware of? Who is on your playlist currently and why?

Sadly we couldn’t honestly say we know of or have heard of any other bands that really inspire us or blow us away. We listen to such a wide variety of music and sadly we haven’t found any local bands that have caught our eye.


I see that you’re going back to Brighton, could you say this is one of your favourite place to perform?

yes! We lived in Brighton and played in a number of bands a few years ago now. it was a really big change for us to be able to go to a gig every other night and really immerse yourself in the local scene. people in Brighton are way more clued up when it comes to music and we always have a good laugh.


For those who are lucky enough to be going to see you, why should they come see you play? Describe it in a few words.

Hypnotic and passionate


Do you have any upcoming tour dates? What sort of atmosphere do you hope to create with your live shows?

We are currently booking shows mainly in the south so we can start to really get a name for ourselves in the live scene. keep an eye out on our website for gig announcements and news.

We want to create an atmosphere that leaves people feeling something they haven’t felt before, the shock factor is important to us but what is more important is writing songs that people can’t explain or categorise.


What else can we expect from you in 2017?

More music and lots of exciting visual elements to Dumb Lovers.