Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Wrenn, Yergurl, Bull, Kyle Krone, Emm, Paper Lions, Koala Queen, Des Hume, Kita Menari, and Bootstraps.


Yergurl – Hey Ya (Outkast Cover)

We thought we’d start things off this week with something a bit different. An incredible cover of Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’ by Yergurl. A cover that’s come straight from her debut EP (also out today, go listen!)

The cover takes a refreshing approach to the track, completely stripping it bare and reworking it into something truly magical.


Bull – Love Goo

‘Love Goo’ is the brand new track to come from York’s four-piece Bull. The song centers around the space between two people where the truth lies. With hints towards gender fluidity, peace, love, and understanding, it’s a pretty ambitious track.

It’s not just the track we’ve been treated with, however, as the song is accompanied by a music video that’s made up of a bunch of short two-second clips on a £9 VHS camera.


Koala Queen – Hold On

Debut single alert! This time from Norweigan rock band, Koala Queen. The first track to come from their debut album The Muppet Show. Disseminating and delving into the thought of having patience with the things you love and staying true to what you desire. Claiming it as a ‘metaphoric love song’, this is one hell of an introduction. Catchy elements and utterly distinctive vocals that lead the track through.


Kyle Krone – Higher

New track ‘Higher’ from Kyle Krone is as uplifting and easy-going as it is an absolute bop. Addressing themes of personal evolution, revolution, and freedom from lesser things that may hold people back. A slick and smooth track that will fit in perfectly with your Saturday afternoon tomorrow, stick it on and enjoy!

Wrenn – Psychosexual

Something a little bit angry for you here. Wrenn captures the essence of pop-punk in new single ‘Psychosexual’. The raw, grungey guitars underpinning the super clear and note-perfect vocals of Wrenn. The track buzzes through in a hazy fashion that will completely encompass you, but it still retains her signature pop stylings.


Paper Lions – Don’t Feel Like That

A polished, emotive indie bop, Canada’s Paper Lions have taken a step up with new track ‘Don’t Feel Like That’.

Speaking on the track the band explain that “‘Don’t Feel Like That’ taps into the narrator’s nostalgia for the not too distant past, it’s a breakup song, but not a sad one, or an angry one. Just a look back to a place where you are no longer, for better or worse.”



Kita Menari – Into The Dark 

‘Into The Dark’ is the brand new effort from Amsterdam’s new indie-pop sensation, Kita Menari.

Lyrically focussed around coping with the meaningless, daily standard routines. Kita explains that  “I often experience those as the complete absurdity of life, but I’ve found that no matter how hard I try to be different, still I’m chained to life’s patterns and cycles. That’s ultimately what the song’s about, trying to change a cycle and realizing how caught up you are in it.”



Des Hume – Crush

We’ve either all had a crush, or been someone’s crush before. It can be entirely intoxicating, but what happens when the feelings are reciprocated? New effort ‘Crush’ from Des Hume is inspired by a date who became obsessive after a polite rejection. Built upon a hazy-pop production that nods to the likes of Prince and Jai Paul, this slinky number will slide you right into the weekend.



Emm – Lady

In need of some empowerment? Emm’s brand new track ‘Lady’ is an absolute must-listen. Bold, confident and powerful in production, this completely mirrors that lyrics.

Speaking on the track, EMM explains that “Throughout our entire lives, women are taught subliminally and consciously to stay unproblematic and small. We are taught to put everyone else’s comfort before our own, even if it costs us everything. It’s so revolutionary and rebellious for a woman to love herself in a world that thrives on our self-hatred. So many people make money by encouraging us to hate ourselves, and then those same people encourage us to buy their shit to fix those exact feelings that they placed in us. I wanted an anthem to celebrate every woman who has decided that she’s not sitting down. She’s not shutting her mouth. She is proud to be considered a ‘problem.’ I love disruptors. And I wrote ‘Lady’ for every Queen who has been chastised for being bold. I hope the song reminds her how amazing she is for that. I hope it reminds her that she’s not alone.”


Bootstraps – Evergreen

The new single from Bootstraps’ upcoming album; ‘Evergreen’ is an emotive, sublime track. We’ve been big fans of Bootstraps work, some of which you’ve probably definitely heard. His covers of ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ and ‘Stand By Me’ have been featured on more than one TV show. Plus, his last original song, ‘Replica’ was featured on Taylor Swift’s ‘Songs Taylor Loves’ Spotify playlist.

The album is set for release this October.