Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from UPSAHL, The Academic, Monowhales, Bdrmm, Plaza, White Noise Cinema, Of Gentlemen and Cowards, Clock Opera, Jordan Mackampa, and SPRINTS.


The Academic – Aftertaste 

2018 was a big year for The Academic, they released their debut album and then set off on a mega tour across the EU and US. This year, they’ve been busy writing and recording the second album and good news! It’s set for release early 2020. But first, here’s new single ‘Aftertaste’, full of 80’s indie pop sounds and is the sign of a much more confident and polished The Academic.

Speaking about ‘Aftertaste’, frontman Craig Fitzgerald explains that, “When it came to ‘Aftertaste’ it was a lot different to how we worked before. From a production standpoint, we were a lot more involved. Sometimes there is a preconceived notion out there that if you are a guitar band, you should be in a particular lane. Our mindset when writing is less defined by what the stereotype of an indie band should sound like and be more about letting our songs be the best they can be.”


MONOWHALES – RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)

Toronto-based Monowhales have been putting the graft in in their local music scene, and now they’re ready to take on the world. Their new effort ‘RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down), sees the band enter new territories sonically. With heavy bass, driving drums and a sprinkling of synths, the track is completely infectious.

Monowhales are unapologetic, powerful and ready to be your new favourite act.


UPSAHL – Smile For The Camera

2019 has been a big year for our pop queen UPSAHL. Now, she’s dropped yet another bop for us, this time in the form of ‘Smile For The Camera’. The infectious, powerful chorus is front and center as always, whilst the lyrics still have thought-provoking themes. As UPSAHL explains, Smile for the Camera’ is an ode to my generation. We’re the generation that doesn’t put up with bullshit. We’re comfortable in our own skin. We move fast, and we’re unapologetic to anybody that stands in our way.”


bdrmm – shame

One of our favourite dreamy acts, bdrmm are back yet again with another mutli-textured track ‘shame’. Leading up to the release of their upcoming If No, When? EP set for release on October 11th. ‘Shame’ sees things come together for the band, throwing some post-punk into what has become their signature slacker-shoegaze sound.

Vocalist Ryan explains that “’Shame’ is about the heartache of having to tell someone you care about the most that being together can’t work, for whatever reason – having to be the person who takes it upon themselves to do the right thing, even though it feels so wrong.”



The return of Plaza is here! And we could not be more thrilled. Not just with new single ‘BOLOSTITCHER’, but with news of an upcoming EP Wernotplaza II on the horizon. Their sound is a little more emotive than previous efforts, but still, their signature sound of grunge/dream pop is present.

Plaza vocalist, Brad, explains that “The past year has been a struggle for me, I’ve had some of the best times and the worst times, these songs where written throughout this. They are probably the most true songs we’ve written as a group. Lyrically they’re straight to the point. In the past I’ve always been more subliminal with my words, this EP is different. It’s about loss, feeling like everything in your life isn’t going to work out and feeling like you have no one to turn to.”


White Noise Cinema – Reaction

This six-piece have been gigging their way around the West Midlands for quite some time now. So to say that this debut single is long-awaited is an understatement. But, wow, is it worth the wait.

The energy that they have become so well known for in their live performances is front and centre and has translated well onto record. We can’t wait to see where these guys end up.


Clock Opera – Be Somebody Else 

The wonderful Clock Opera are back! Now, as a three-piece. Treating us to staccato synths, distorted bass clarinets and a whole lot of ambient textures on new track ‘Be Somebody Else’. Lyrically the track explored the schizophrenic distance between self-acceptance and our online personas.


Jordan Mackampa – What Am I

Jordan Mackampa reflects on his social responsibility on new single ‘What Am I’. Delivered with his signature soulful vocals, against an impressive backdrop of strings, percussion, and horns.

Speaking on the track, Jordan reveals: “‘What Am I’ is a modern take on Marvin Gaye’s classic ‘What’s Going On’, highlighting the state of the world right now, from multiple wars in different territories; how the earth is dying, to the border control problem & how it’s been dealt with. It’s a lot of ‘hopes and prayers’, changing of display pictures to blue, but all trickling down to a stop soon after, as it’s no longer in the forefront of the media. I wrote this song in the mindset of how I need to do more but don’t know how because I am only one man, trying his best to make changes within the means available.”


SPRINTS – The Cheek 

Dublin’s newest alt-rock heroes, SPRINTS have dropped their sophomore single, ‘The Cheek’. Raw to the bone, full of energy and plenty of attitude; the track is post-punk gold. Lyrically, the track faces sexuality head on, speaking on the track the band explain: “Whether they think they own the place, or think they own you, we are all too familiar with those dickheads at the bar. Male or female, I know a lot of friends have shared the same experience. To have your sexuality, or your worth questioned, to be berated or harassed for turning someone so ‘impeccable’ down, is an unfortunately too regular occurrence.


Of Gentlemen & Cowards

Brand new effort from Toronto-based, Of Gentlemen & Cowards is a classic indie anthem. Soaring guitars, singalong backing vocals, and an emotive lead vocal, there’s nothing to not love about this.

Speaking on the track, the band explain that the song is “about endings. Between being stuck and leaving, there’s always a choice – this song was created in that space. It’s a pleading refrain from a strained relationship. Maybe we can get past this, or maybe it’s over.”