Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Otha, Plaza, Why Not, James Albarn, V98, Eye Bleach, Limon Limon, Fox Sinclair, St Martiins, Just Drive, and Orkid.


Limon Limon – Wasting Time

Another first-class bop from Limon Limon, this time in the form of ‘Wasting Time’. A track which recalls the endless longing of a one-sided relationship and the vanity of imagining a future together. Expect more of what we’ve come to love of the duo, plenty of gorgeous layers, relatable lyrics and spectacular synth-y goodness.


Fox Sinclair – Playing To Win

New artist for you here, LA’s Fox Sinclair is taking on the pop world with her unapologetic, edgy pop sounds. Expect honest, raw lyrics and a dance-y beat to keep you hooked. The track is the title track off her upcoming debut EP set for release later this year.


Why Not – Ding Dong

Bending genres like there’s no tomorrow, Minnesota’s Why Not have unleashed a quirky indie parcel in ‘Ding Dong’. If you’re into a track that will keep you on your toes but still has that lo-fi edge to it, this is the track for you. It’s safe to say that Why Not are well and truly on our radar now.


V98 – Conversation Killer 

The first track to come from their upcoming debut EP Pressgang (set for release November 8th), V98 have blown us away with ‘Conversation Killer’. First things first, we absolutely need to see these live! If their live energy is anything like what’s conveyed on the track then we’re all in for something really special. A track that has all the punk energy in all the right places, this is reminiscent of recent stars Squid, Just Mustard and more.


Eye Bleach – Pavement Design

Psych post-punk outfit, Eye Bleach (what a name!) have dropped their second single into the world; ‘Pavement Design’. Coining it as “a pert and quirky pop song about spotting rare types of paving, and a former mentor who had a stroke that changed his accent.” It’s a song full of promise, of a band finding their feet and pushing the limits of their sound, definitely one to keep your eye on.


James Albarn – Looking For A Dream That Doesn’t Kill Me

The second track to come from James Albarn’s debut EP Light Shining Hurts is a gorgeous, lo-fi piece of art. ‘Looking For A Dream That Doesn’t Kill Me’ brings on influences from The National, War On Drugs and Joy Division and is basks in utterly divine minimalism.


st.martiins – Saw The Moon

Alt-pop wonders st.martiins have dropped an ambient treat for us in ‘Saw The Moon’. They’ve really done well here, creating a wonky ambient pop dreamy soundscape that’s absolutely divine. Expect languid melodies, hazy guitar and vocals to die for. Speaking on the track, vocalist Katie Lynch explains that “it was written when we lived in Glasgow, in fact, it was the only thing we wrote in that time. Moving there was supposed to be an energising, creative experience for us but it became the opposite. The imagery in the song reflects how close we felt to our own creativity but then feeling it was out of reach. It is an angsty song, probably the last song that was derived from our teenage minds.”


Just Drive – Running

Written about a growing relationship that in the end turned out to have false motivations, the track successful portrays feelings of anxiety and high emotion. Just Drive have been making waves recently with support slots with Mallory Knox in Wales, they’re certainly ones to keep your eyes peeled for.


ORKID – CloudsNdrivebys

One of our favourite Swedish pop artists, ORKID has been dropping bop after bop recently and her supply seems to be neverending as there’s another one here in ‘CloudsNdrivebys’. Speaking on the track ORKID explains that “‘CloudsNdrivebys’ is almost like driving your car somewhere, but when you get to the location you don’t even know how you got there. The whole ride you’ve been thinking about someone and the memories. Even if you’re a hundred miles apart from you still float on the words and the moments through the chaotic world we live in like a burning city. That person is still your lifeline.”


Plaza – See

We can’t explain to you how happy we are to get our hands on new Plaza music! They’ve shaken things up a bit in regards to their sound, but they seem bigger and better than ever. With new references to Frank Ocean, Foals, DIIV and Wolf Alice, this is an exciting new direction for the north-east outfit. Speaking on the track, Brad Lennard explains, “‘SEE’ has been in the inventory for a while now. It’s a chilled song, played on keys, so a change in style for us. You move on from your favourite band or artist and start exploring new avenues, a lot of tunes that I write now are this kind of vibe, which is a new direction – having the opportunity to write music like this with us all in a band is class. ‘See’ is probably my favourite song we have written, it’s about staying true to yourself.”


Otha – Tired and Sick

The first taste of new material we’ve had from her this year, Otha has dropped ‘Tired and Sick’. The track is a stress-induced stream of consciousness that results in a wonderful dance anthem. It’s super relatable and we know you’re going to love it.