Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Beck Pete, Friends at the Fall, She Drew The Gun, Joe Dolman, LOYAL, Stereo Match, Dylan Dunlap, Emzae, St Francis Hotel, and Roro.


RoRo – Trouble

First things first, let’s kick start things with a debut single. This week in the form of RoRo’s ‘Trouble’.

This track has oodles of personality, attitude and genre-spanning vocals. Written alongside Maverick Sabre and Ed Thomas (Jorja Smith), the lyrics are playful and powerful. Speaking on the track RoRo said: “Trouble is all about having balance with myself, some days I’m gonna be a bitch or some days I’m gonna be the sweetest person ever, you never know who you’re gonna get.”

Like this? You’ll be glad to know there’s a whole EP in the works. We predict great things for RoRo.


St Francis Hotel Feat. Gaz Coombes – Liar, Liar, Liar

Irish-duo St Francis Hotel have teamed up with none other than Gaz Coombes on new effort ‘Liar, Liar, Liar’. The track is said to be the first in a series of high-profile collaborations, so that’s exciting.

Full of energy, soul, a gospel choir and some interesting hints of psychedelia, ‘Liar, Liar, Liar’ is St Francis Hotel at their best. Centered around the perception of someone who’s at odds with the world.


Emzae – As This Day Fades To Another

Following the success of former-release, ‘Lucid Dreaming’, Emzae has now dropped the equally stunning ‘As This Day Fades To Another’. The track is super addictive, featuring smooth, confident vocals and centered around the competitive aspects of modern life. How different would life be if we stopped competing? Emzae explores the possibilities.

She Drew The Gun – Trouble Every Day

They’ve had a massive summer of festivals including Glasto, Latitude and more and now, She Drew The Gun have dropped new-effort, ‘Trouble Every Day’. A reinterpretation of Frank Zappa’s original, updating the lyrics to reflect modern times and have received the full blessing of the Zappa estate.

Speaking on the track, Louisa explains: “Frank Zappa wrote it based on the TV coverage of the Watts riots in LA back in the 60s, so I rewrote some of the lyrics to reflect what I’ve seen reported on the TV in more recent times, from English riots to the Extinction Rebellion protests. It takes a look at the issues that are facing us at the moment from the rise of the far-right to the threat of climate change and the role the global media corporations play in supporting neo-liberal ideology.” 


LOYAL  – Architect 

Guess who’s back? It’s LOYAL! This time with the debut release on their new self-titled imprint for AWAL. New effort ‘Architect’ is a 90’s piano house track that’s going to blow your socks off. Bringing back the gospel choir to back up the exquisite vocals of Bearcubs. There’s an entirely charming modern edge to this nostalgically styled track and we love it.

For longstanding Loyal fans, don’t worry, the track has continued the political sci-fi story that’s present in all of their former material.

Speaking on the track, Laurence explains: “I was imagining me as a 19-year-old raver in Fabric and the ‘me’ of 2019 talking to that 19-year-old raver, I was envious that its only time, distance and space between me and that 19-year0old – a raver that didn’t give a fuck about anything. But a lot has changed, although a lot feels the same – so it’s also about being envious of the 19-year-old version of yourself.”


Beck Pete – Whiskey #4

We’ve got an interesting one here for you. Starting off slow and measured, ‘Whiskey #4’ from Beck Pete slowly transforms into something much bigger than it ever expected to be.

Full of tension, the track is centered around the power dynamic between two people struggling to figure out how they fit.

When the bass kicks in, you’re going to want to be sat down. Simply stunning. And don’t even get us started at the breakdown circa 3 minutes.


Stereo Match – Paralyze The Dead

This one is calm, collected, but still equal parts infectious. Centered around the idea/reminder that we are more than the ideas and expectations we have for ourselves. The track is like a warm fuzzy hug of reassurance, and isn’t that just necessary every now and again?

The video’s definitely worth a watch, too.


Dylan Dunlap – Runnin

In a beautifully smooth slice of pop, Dylan Dunlap’s new effort ‘Runnin’ has got us ready to run into the weekend. Set to bridge the gap between pop and indie rock, Dylan has an appealing edge to the typically shiny sounds you might hear in the pop world. Full to the brim with catchy hooks, powerful guitar work, and confident, strong vocals. Solid effort all round from Dylan here.


Friends At The Falls – You Don’t Have To Be Alone

Fan of 80’s infused indie-pop? We have a treat in store for you here. ‘You Don’t Have To Be Alone’, the new effort from Friends At The Falls is the catchy, silky smooth 1975-reminiscent track. Telling a story of individual sacrifices and compromise within a relationship. The track flits between each perspective of the respective parties in the relationship.


Joe Dolman – Happy For You

A delightful, emotive track from the incredible, young talent Joe Dolman. ‘Happy For You’ is a confident new effort that will tug at your heartstrings. Nothing like getting a bit emotional before the weekend, hey? If you’re not already familiar with the soft vocals of Joe, then this is set to be the perfect introduction.