Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Lily Kershaw, Ruben Pol, Sad Boys Club, ORKID, Fawning, Pizzagirl, Lewis Blissett, Inka Upendo, The Ninth Wave, and Anna Dellaria.


Lily Kershaw – The Sea

We’re going to start you off today with an absolutely sublime offering from Lily Kershaw. An acoustic, emotive track lead entirely by flawless vocals that will entirely captivate you. Sit down, stick this on and truly relax, submerging yourself in Lily’s vocals for a few minutes.


Sad Boys Club – Dead Fridays

Who doesn’t love an exciting new indie guitar band? This week it’s Sad Boys Club doing the roungs. Infectious guitar work and a sprinkling of synths, it’s a solid basis. But it’s in the vocals that this band shine, full of power, emotion and a distinctive charm, we’re excited about these.


ORKID – Get to Know U

We are big fans of ORKID here, one of the most exciting pop acts to come from 2019. There, we’ve said it. Flawless production and danceable beats embedded underneath her infectious vocals. What’s not to love?

Speaking on the track, ORKID explains that it’s “no perfect fairytale romance, it’s all about you and your needs and having only one thing in mind. You got your own shit together, you’re out having a good time, pulling bad pick up lines, acting dumb, having fun, doing you”



Ruben Pol – Run and Hide

Today, Dutch artist and model, Ruben Pol, has released a 7-track debut EP. ‘Run and Hide’ is the lead single and it’s a pretty good taster. With a lo-fi edge to it, but driven by his soft, layered vocals. The track flows between repetitive catchy hooks that might just melt your heart.

Want to feel warm and fuzzy inside? This is for you.


Fawning – Too Late

Like your lo-fi, atmospheric gothic pop music? Here’s a treat. Fawning are set to be your new favourite duo. Serene, beautiful and super atmospheric, the track draws you in and doesn’t let you go until it’s done with you (probably a few listens down the line).


Pizzagirl – Dennis

His debut album is set to hit the shelves on October 11th, but first, Pizzagirl has blessed us with new track ‘Dennis’. Light and fluffy and full of his signature 80’s sound. This is a summer tune that’s probably going to make you sad that summer is basically over now… that being said, it’s still a pretty good bop.

Speaking on ‘Dennis’, Pizzagirl has described the track as: “A bitter, meta, foot-long sub of jealousy, sports and that 43 year old guy who just stole your girl, all wrapped up in a neat little single length grease proof wrapping! Free cookie on the side if you want it?” 


Lewis Blissett – Killing Butterflies

Another bright, young talent. This time from 15-year-old Lewis Blissett from Swindon. His debut track ‘Killing Butterflies’ is a big hello to the pop world and we are excited. Full of complex and meaningful lyrics and driven by his powerful vocal, it’s no surprise why he’s turning heads so much at the moment.

‘Killing Butterflies’ finds Blissett explore the vices people hold in all forms and how they can often destroy the most beautiful parts of their very being.


Inka Upendo – Beatiful 

Straight from her upcoming EP, set for release this October. ‘Beatiful’, is the stunning new effort from Inka Upendo. Fans of SOPHIE, Billie Eillish and anything that’s unique, interesting with dark undertones? This is 100% for you.

Speaking on the track Inka explains: “Beatiful started from feelings of anguish towards this twisted circle of life where we work, buy, consume and ultimately die. And for what? When I was 16, all I wanted to do was to shop for new stuff with my friends. I remember the shock when I found out that my favourite makeup brand L’Oréal tested on animals and I knew nothing about it. I realised all these brands were putting ideas in my head, like Coca Cola telling me I’d be cool if I shared a coke and L’Oréal saying I’m ”worth it”… when in fact Coke ruins your health and innocent animals suffered for all that makeup that I bought. I felt so angry. Many young people have no idea how advertising affects their choices. That’s why in the artwork I painted ‘gluttony’ on in my face in Chinese, because I took part in the overconsumption too. The name ”Beatiful” is a wordplay between beat-full and beautiful; I’m beautiful not because of my makeup but because of my beats.”


The Ninth Wave – Imitation

‘Imitation’ is the latest and greatest new effort from The Ninth Wave. With each release these seem to be getting stronger, bolder and a whole lot more catchy?! ‘Imitation’ saw them also announce their biggest headline tour to date. This is a band on the rise, get on board now, it will be worth your time.


Anna Dellaria – Mama Said

Massive chorus ahoy! This is one hell of a pop track. Driven forward with percussive breaths and a strong message of empowerment. This will give you the motivation to run into the weekend with. Speaking on the track Dellaria explains how she was tired of defending happiness and identity. “Tired of fighting off stereotypes and expectations. It evolved into anger that grew with each news headline or daily encounter that a friend would experience and share. Whether across the world or at school – the fight to simply ‘be’ and exist in the face of hatred and negativity became undeniable. So I wrote about it. The foundation of “Mama Said” is a simple vow to maintain happiness. Maybe it’s a friend who’s jealous and coming for your crown, or maybe it’s something bigger. Regardless, the vow remains the same: ‘Never Let em Knock You Down’.”