Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Jax Anderson, Raynes, Dead Emerson, Easypeel, Deco, Mannequin Online, Pale Honey, Francis Novotny, The Criticals, Superglu and Idles.


Superglu – Forever Endeavour

Our favourite Manningtree punk-pop outfit, Superglu, are back! Their new single ‘Forever Endeavour’ is an anthem of loss with seriously optimistic messages with plenty of their signature energetic hooks. Speaking on the track, Ben has explained, “The band had stopped making music and my girlfriend Krista (and bass player) was preparing to move to Berlin. I was at a low point. As I sat in my house strumming the chords and singing the verse, I heard Krista singing a potential chorus whilst packing upstairs: “Remember the good times” seemed to summarise it all. This is a love letter from me and Krista to both SuperGlu and one another – a swan song we thought no one would hear has found new meaning and bought SuperGlu back to life.”


Mannequin Online – I Remember

Following the success of their debut ‘So Cool’, Mannequin Online are continuing their string of hits with new bop ‘I Remember’. Bringing their own off-kilter edge to what is an incredibly catchy and eclectic sound, they’re really making their mark. Keep your eye on these, we predict big things.


The Criticals – Just For The Weekend

The first track to be recorded in their new location of Nashville, TN, The Criticals have let loose with new effort ‘Just For The Weekend’. A track that has a soft side to it, but still encompasses the hard energy that we know and love from the band. In terms of narrative, the track follows the story of two people in a relationship trying to make it work, but the boundaries are too restrictive. Get your fresh fix of rock and roll here!


Pale Honey – Set Me Free

Pale Honey are back! The first new material since 2017 album Devotion, the Swedish duo have not disappointed with new effort, ‘Set Me Free’. The groovy, melancholic track is somewhat liberating as the duo explain that, “the song symbolizes the emotions following a recent break-up. I was pissed and bitter, and at the same time regretful and sad. There was also an energy in me that was about to explode. I couldn’t be still, couldn’t sit at home, I had to go out and constantly meet new people. Everything had to happen, and it needed to happen all at once. The danceable element of the song represents the stage in a separation where you’re rediscovering yourself. Or simply going out into the night and not getting home until dawn.”


Deco – Too Much TV

80’s-inspired pop act, Deco have dropped a new track ‘Too Much TV’, a track that marks an end to a summer of mega live dates including supporting Jess Glynne and festival slots at Truck Fest, Y Not and more. Co-written with fellow Born Music fave, Casey Lowry, ‘Too Much TV’ highlights the pressure to look a certain way influenced from the TV and social media. A message to embrace individuality and learn to be happy with yourself.


Francis Novotny – Dive

New effort ‘Dive’ from Francis Novotny is entirely euphoric, expect beat-driven undertones, arpeggiated riffs and soulful vocals that once and for all prove his talents with mixing glitch pop and R&B. Speaking on the track Francis explains that “It’s about two people doing whatever they want to be doing, without giving a fuck about what everyone else is saying or thinking about them. And it might as well result in them diving straight to bottom, but as long as they’re together – it all makes sense. In general, it’s also about anyone who lets themselves get a bit too controlled by the structures around them…”



Easypeel – Honeyglaze 

We’ve got to warn you, today’s Friday Favourites has more than a few debuts on it! Easypeel’s ‘Honeyglaze’ is one of them. For your dose of dreamy indie-pop, ‘Honeyglaze’ showcases the South London artists vocals that gives some serious nods to Bombay Bicycle Club and Mac De Marco.


Dead Emerson – Fools Gold

There’s nothing more exciting than a debut single, amirite?! Dead Emerson’s ‘Fools Gold’ is centred around Emerson’s husky baritone and features a whole load of restless confidence that is ever-present in your early 20’s.

Speaking on the track, Emerson explains, “I wrote this song about growing up in a suburb of Maryland that had 5 groceries stores and nothing to do– we often would drive aimlessly on backroads as bored teenagers. Driving became, quite literally, an escape whenever I was dealing with family or relationship issues– at one point I drove 10 hours to Tennessee for the hell of it. It’s funny though, situations don’t change just because you’re in a different place. So that’s what Fools Gold is: double yellow lines on the road promising an escape but leading to the same spot you were in before.”


Raynes – Lemon Drop

We love a debut single! So here’s a lemony fresh one for you from Raynes. Showcasing their amalgamation of influences, the track is alt-folk at its best. Expect catchy melodies, incredible violin and a whole load of flawless vocal harmonies. Speaking on the track Raynes explains, “We’ve had a blast figuring out how to make a violin sound like a synth and a snare sound like a hand clap, as well as blending it all together so it walks the line between folk and pop in the most appealing way.” 


Jax Anderson – Fear 

Detroit’s Jax Anderson has been dropping alt-pop bop after alt-pop bop recently! With some very solid tour slots in the bank too (Bishop Briggs, Miya Folick). ‘Fear’ is the second track to come from her forthcoming EP on Neon Gold Records. Containing the signature anthemic energy throughout, whilst hitting important messages home through the lyrics, ‘Fear’ is about acknowledging that those in power use fear to control us. Speaking on the track, Jax explains, “From a childhood of religious fear-mongering and repressed sexuality to an adulthood of financial distress and hate-filled politics, one of the big realizations I’ve made this year is just how many of the forces in my life have been governed by fear. I hate how helpless fear makes me feel, and the way that feeling is manipulated by people in positions of power. I made this song with some friends because that feeling is something we all shared and expressing it felt like a first step in refusing to submit to it.” 



Idles have only gone and remixed Metronomy’s ‘Wedding Bells’. An unlikely partnership, but one that we are absolutely here for. Titled ‘Til Dev Do Us Party’, Idles have kept the original bass, but pushed it further, with a layer of distortion over Joe Mount’s vocals alongside a load of post-punk guitar. The result is an energetic and surprising take on the track that is sure to turn heads.

Speaking on the remix, Mark Bowen explains that “Metronomy were one of the first bands IDLES connected over. We saw their live show, when they had the push lights on their chests and did the awesome dance routines, that emboldened us to think more and put more into our live shows. There is also something about the way they use discordant notes and soundclashes in a very blissful way that informs much of our own songwriting.