Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Frogi, Waste of Paint, Hotel Mira, The Vedettes, Sam Johnson, Space Above, Alexander Biggs, Artificial Pleasure, Waterfools, and Mac Hunt.


Frogi – thnk u

Frogi has been absolutely killing it this year and is not set to slow down anytime soon with yet another hit under their belt in ‘thnk u’. The track is a “‘come to peace’ realisation that the  shitty things that happen in life situate us for the better,” Frogi explains. The track comes straight off her Introvert EP that we’re certain will be one of the best of the year.


Hotel Mira – This Could Be It For Me

Hotel Mira’s new track ‘This Could Be It For Me’ wastes no time in getting stuck into this track. A polished number that bursts into life on the chorus complete with catchy ‘la la la’s’ that will push you over the line and have you as Hotel Mira’s biggest fan in no time at all. Speaking on the track, Charlie explains that, “This song is a battle cry for help. It is a song about voicing your anxious, paranoid and suicidal thoughts and then drawing the sad conclusion that even if you make it through this chapter, you’re gonna have to go toe-to-toe with all this bullshit again sometime soon [If it’s not tonight, then it’s still on my mind… how nice]. But what makes it a battle cry and not a full wall-to-wall downer is that I am asking if anyone else feels this way and that has, in my past, been my best strategy for feeling less alone in the world.”



Sam Johnson – Stuck Under The Surface

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Sam Johnson here, but why should it be when he keeps dropping hit after hit? ‘Stuck Under The Surface’ is a polished, well crafted song that continues his path to stardom. A track that presents itself as a gentle, emotive one, but builds into something utterly anthemic.

Speaking about the track Sam explains that, “Stuck Under the Surface is a song born from the ashes of a long term relationship that didn’t quite work out. It came to fruition in the wake of a breakup and felt like a very necessary form of catharsis. I knew it had to be honest if it were to be convincing, but naturally with that came a level of difficulty and unease that I’d rarely had to deal with when writing songs before. However, rather inevitably, it’s gone on to become one of my favourite songs on the EP. I’ve realised that its overarching message is one of openness. I found closure in being able to write this song when previously feeling unable to articulate my feelings or ‘stuck under the surface’, and I hope others will be touched similarly when listening.” 



Waste of Paint – Baudelaire Waltz

Bit of a different one for you here and well, it’s beautiful. Waste of Paint have crafted nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s difficult to put a genre on them, as they create songs that are entirely unique unto themselves. But, with ‘Baudelaire Waltz’, there’s a lot to unpack. Lyrics that have meaning, emotive vocals, so many layers of instruments and a sample or two to add even more depth to it. The track’s complex, but it’s meant to be. So enjoy it.


The Vedettes – What Do You Say

The York-based quintet, The Vedettes are back yet again, this time with their third single, ‘What Do You Say’. They’ve got a confident and focussed sound now, with a lo-fi edge that’s hard not to love. Driving forward on fuzzy riffs and incredible solos, these lot are putting a new sound to ‘indie-dance’.


Space Above – Stolen Days

New track ‘Stolen Days’ from Space Above was written with the frontwoman of The Naked and Famous! (Alisa Xayalith) marking the first work that the two have done together since Short left TNaF. Good news too, as this is said to be the first taste of what’s to come ahead of an upcoming EP release later this year. Taking themes of social anxiety and agoraphobia and putting a positive spin on them.


Alexander Biggs – Miserable 

Taking things down a notch or two this week, we have Alexander Biggs, who’s made a lasting impression with his new effort ‘Miserable’. A track centred around the weight our sadness can have on those that we love. ‘Miserable’ follows two EPs that Biggs has released and shows a clear step up in his use of textures. With a sound that is juxtaposed against each other, it’s certainly an interesting listen and is proof of an artist that’s learning and mastering his craft.


Artificial Pleasure – Side By Side Together

Following the success of their debut album, Artificial Pleasure are back with new effort ‘Side By Side Together’ and, let us tell you, you better hold on tight as this is a clear step up from their previous efforts. Full of rich textures like never before, with bold sounds that put a modern edge on influences that are definitely in the past. Of course, frontman Phil McDonnell’s vocals are still front and centre pulling everything together in excellent fashion.

McDonnell wrote the song in the back of the band’s tour van while driving through Europe at night. Speaking on the track he explains that ‘Side By Side Together’ is a love song about friendship and the need for unity and kindness in a world that is progressively getting more fucked, the long nights, long drives, the hardships, the fun, the falls and high points of touring all bind us together in a way that goes beyond friendship and they are experiences that bond people for life, regardless of distance.” 


Mac Hunt – Body In My Bed

New effort from Mac Hunt, ‘Body In My Bed’ is about the journey and growth that your relationship with someone goes through the longer you’ve known them. When you’re so in love with someone that you don’t have eyes for anyone else. Mac has also enlisted the talents of Nashville rapper, Jung Youth. 


Waterfools – Talk Like Animals 

Oxfordshire trio, Waterfools, have dropped ‘Talk Like Animals’, the first song they wrote together when they were just 16 years old. All about nostalgia, the track sees them gear up for the release of their sophomore EP and further touring planned throughout 2019.