Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from FLYNT, Varley, Jordan Mackampa, Sam Johnson, Glass Peaks, argonaut&wasp, Joseph of Mercury, Approachable Members of Your Local Community, Coyote Mustache, The Jericho Racks, and Ivory Wave.


Sam Johnson – Lost In The Mail 

The wonderful Sam Johnson has today released his debut EP Eastcote, containing four beautiful tracks including ‘Lost In The Mail’, the opening track on the EP. It’s fair to say that Sam has made quite the entrance. A call to arms, ‘Lost In The Mail’ will have you feeling thankful for your pals.


Jordan Mackampa – Parachutes

Jordan Mackampa is an absolute go-to if you’re looking for some emotive, soulful music. This trend is not stopping on new effort ‘Parachutes’. Combining pop and soul flawlessly and channelling high levels of emotion through every second of the song, Jordan has a real talent. Speaking on the track Jordan explains, “Parachutes encapsulates those situations with people you’ve come across in life; who aren’t who they pretend to be and the person they are with you, isn’t someone you want to be around. However because you love them, either platonically or romantically, you’re conflicted by your feelings for them until it gets to a point where you don’t want to be hurt anymore. 


FLYNT – I Need A Minute

We’re super excited about this one. Their first release of the year and it’s a corker, ‘I Need A Minute’ has marked FLYNT as definite ones to watch for 2020. They’ve spent the remainder of the year locked away in the studio recording their three-track debut EP. We can’t wait to hear more!


VARLEY – Disease

The final taster we’re to recieve before they drop their debut album, VARLEY’s ‘Disease’ is a grunge-infused package of indie-pop. Lyrically, the track is centred around loneliness and is inspired by the works of Gail Honeyman’s Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. Vocalist Claire-Ann found sympathy with the main character and ideas of modern isolation.


Glass Peaks – Architect

Glass Peaks have dived into the world of politics on this one. ‘Architects’ is a post-punk Brexit statement, which sees them sonically push the limits of where their music can take them. Speaking on the track, they reveal that “‘Architect’ is quite aggressive from the get-go. There’s no real smoothness to it and because of the songs subject matter, I wanted it to ooze attitude. It was important for me to really be able to spit those words out with venom because I’m talking about things that genuinely frustrate me to my core.” 


argonaut&wasp – Go Getter

We’ve been fans of argonaut&wasp for a while, so we were excited to get our hands on new track ‘Go Getter’ and we weren’t disappointed. Everything you know and love about them is present and then some. Speaking on the track they explain that, “this is one of those songs that started off as words scribbled on a napkin years ago. The lyrics were always there lingering in the back of our minds. The words that captured a long period of our creative journey, one full of self-doubt, uncertainty and the struggle to understand our place in the world. As we grew, standing by each other to push through the struggles, the song began to manifest into what it has become. This is our coming of age song and what a time to be able to share it with you.” 


Joseph of Mercury – Pretenders

Canada’s Joseph of Mercury is gearing up to take over the UK with new track ‘Pretenders’. With soulful vocals, paired with shiny synths, Chic-esque guitars and feel good handclaps, this is a feel-good track. But, not all is what it seems as a deeper listen to the lyrics presents a melancholic vibe. Speaking on the track he explains, “You’re being told that the feelings are real, it just can’t be open right now. How much longer can that go on while you still convince yourself that it’s true? My songs often have a lot of yearning in them, but I aspire for them to also have a touch of hope. Things seem so impossible, but you feel like it’s a distance that can be closed.”


Coyote Mustache – Canope

Taking a fresh approach to pop music, Coyote Mustache is on a mission to inspire with a vast soundscape, emotive lyrics and all round progressive pop. Their debut ‘Distance’ set them up for something special and now latest track ‘Canope’ has developed that even further. Bold, tonnes of fun and ready to get you dancing, this is a perfect Friday bop.


Approachable Members of Your Local Community – Citrus Fruit

After a hectic couple of years both inside and outside of the band, but your favourite Approachable Members of Your Local Community are kicking things up a gear with new track ‘Citrus Fruit’. A track that well and truly showcases the band’s progression, this is deserved of its place on your radar.


Ivory Wave – Weigh Me Down

Another taster from their upcoming debut EP, Ivory Wave have dropped ‘Weigh Me Down’. Think back to Hacienda times and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how nicely this throws back to those sounds. The track is super contagious, with vocalist George Johnson’s distinctive vocals front and centre.

Speaking on the track they explain that “Weigh Me Down was written after a period of stagnation in the band. We didn’t seem to be getting any further and people didn’t seem to care about the music we were writing. The song is about standing up for what you believe in and shouting to everyone, look at us.”

The Jericho Racks – Rocky Road

Worcester’s The Jericho Racks have released a seven and a half minute bundle of energy entitled ‘Rocky Road’. A band that are quickly making their mark on the live circuit. This track does well to showcase the chaotic and emotional energy that the band are so well known for. Give it a listen, the seven minutes fly by.