Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Jelani Aryeh, Eliza Shaddad, San Cisco, Fade On, Jax Anderson, Cxloe, Lake Jons, Ava in the Dark, Margot, Cherry Blossom Kids, and Kelsey Waters.


Kelsey Waters – Rainmaker

She’s been going since she was just 14-years-old, but she’s just getting going. Nashville’s Kelsey Waters has dropped a banger of a new track here in ‘Rainmaker’. With some serious nods to the ’70s, utilising reverb chambers and double-tracking, Kelsey has successfully channelled British dance-rock, putting her own unique spin on it. Think Deap Vally, but with a bit more funk.


Margot – Taken By Age

South London’s Margot have dropped their sixth track ‘Taken By Age’, the five-pieve are making their mark in the music world with their unique take on dream-pop with neo-psych and surf rock tendencies. ‘Taken By Age’ explores the effect of dementia on loved ones, a theme cohesive with their back catalogue of covering areas of society that are usually overlooked.


Lake Jons – I Don’t Care

New one here from Finland’s Lake Jons. ‘I Don’t Care’ mixes psychedelia and pop together in a way reminiscent of Tame Impala, with hints of garage rock. The track is the third to come from upcoming album The Coast. Speaking on the track they explain that The single details soft thought before action. Ruminating is not always the right thing to do. It’s all about surrendering under the pressure of self and going towards what seems right at that moment. Sometimes the answer you’re looking for is just at the bottom of a cup of coffee.”

Cherry Blossom Kids – Trippin’ Over You

Copenhagen’s Cherry Blossom Kids have kicked things up a gear with fast-paces ‘Trippin’ Over You’. Lyrically the track embraces the human desire to ‘trip out’. Pure pop-rock at it’s finest, this is one to get you going. Plus, you can’t help but love those riffs.


CXLOE – Devil You Don’t

In the current dark-pop trend that’s taking the globe by storm, it’s great to come across some new names doing it so well. Cxloe is one of those and new track ‘Devil You Don’t’ is incredibly catchy. The track lyrically explores the ‘idea of hiding behind personal angels and devils and dealing with the personality you portray rather than dealing with who you really are’. Speaking on the track CXLOE has explained that “Sometimes it’s better to deal with me as the person I portray, rather than dealing with my darker side. It’s better not to know the unknown.  It can be safer to work with the person (devil) you know than the person you don’t. In this case, the inner workings of my mind!”


Jax Anderson – Scared To Death

Detroit’s Jax Anderson has not only announced her debut EP Heal (set for release November 22nd) but dropped yet another anthem in ‘Scared To Death’. It’s no secret that she can certainly write a killer alt-pop gem, but it still amazes us how they can get better each and every time. ‘Scared To Death’ continues the personal themes from her back catalogue, but perhaps takes things up a notch or two. Speaking on the track Jax Anderson has explained that “Scared to death is about the moment I realized that not everything I was taught as a kid was true, specifically when it comes to my own mortality. I remember sitting at my friend’s house & thinking ‘this is it. this is all that life is. nothing more, nothing less. & that’s okay.’ There’s a certain amount of freedom that comes with knowing that this is all we have.”


Ava in the Dark – Talk To Myself

An exciting, emerging act from Leeds here! Ava in the Dark have been on the rise throughout 2019 and it’s causing quite the buzz. New track ‘Talk To Myself’ is a cinematic, nostalgia-infused indie-pop bop with an edge. Expect emotive vocals, plenty of synths and guitar and drums to finish the earworm of a package off.


San Cisco – Skin

Fresh onto Nettwerk’s label, San Cisco have treated us to new effort, ‘Skin’, the first taster from their upcoming album that’s set for a 2020 release. Embracing their vulnerabilities, the three-piece aren’t afraid to show their sensitive side with lyrics exploring themes of heartbreak and hopelessness.


Eliza Shaddad – Girls

The newest release from the legends at Big Indie Records, Eliza Shaddad has dropped new track ‘Girls’, the first taste of her upcoming EP. A surprising and refreshing take on her experience growing up in an all-girls school. Speaking on the track Eliza explains, “it lays bare how scary it was, standing on the sidelines, growing older, watching someone deal with some insanely hard human experiences, unable to find a way to connect with them about it.” 


Jelani Aryeh – Earl Grey

A super special track to end today’s collection, ‘Earl Grey’ from Jelani Aryeh, the 19-year-old San Diego musician is the lead track from his newly released Helvetica EP. His vocals are front and centre, shifting between rap and singing with ease and fluidity.