Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Batz, Frogi, Fade Awaays, Billy Hammer, Seriously, Chinchilla, The Modern Strangers, Tilsen, and Enjure.

Batz – Wizard

The Melbourne indie five-piece Batz have made a grand return with brand new single ‘Wizard’, full of punk attitude and an incredible amount of energy, they’re solidly placing themselves on your favourite bands list.

They’ve been working closely with Alex Markwell on this track and when speaking on the track Chrissy had this to say: ‘Wizard’ felt like the right kind of song for BATZ, at the right time. We are known for our frantic goth/punk side but we wanted to show that we are versatile in our sound. Evolving. ‘Wizard’ gives a nod to the classic indie period, it’s a fun dancey track. It’s about a dream I had about being a wizard and coming from another planet, landing on Earth at some crazy house party. It’s all vibes. Good vibes.” 


Chinchilla – Demand Respect

London’s newest pop outfit CHINCHILLA have followed up their pointed debut ‘Elements’ with new effort, ‘Fabulous’. Full of endless amounts of confidence, energy and attitude, they’re really making an impact with this new track. Performing at The Isle of Wight and Village Green festivals and having supported STING on his European arena tour that kicked off on June 1st. I

If you like this, you’re in luck as ‘Demand Respect’ is the third self release in a string of tracks that are coming every 6-8 weeks.


The Modern Strangers – Be Your Lover

We absolutely love The Modern Strangers here and get overly excited every time there’s new material to listen to. ‘Hot Rain’ is no different and sees them take yet another step up. Full  of energy, and completely focussed, The Modern Strangers have near perfected indie-pop and yes, you will love it.


Tilsen – Doubt

Toronto’s Tilsen has made a firm and fierce impression with her confident pop tunes ever since she dropped her debut single ‘Hurts’.

Exploring themes such as love and the highs and lows that come with it in turn, her vocals are full of both strength and vulnerability that certainly has its charm. Her sound is full, the production polished and it’s clear that Tilsen knows what she wants, where she wants to be and how she wants to get there. When it comes to the lyrics there’s an insatiable honesty to them that really connects. This is a star you need to get on board with.


Fade Awaays – As They Do

Another Toronto act! Fade Awaays have been taking their local live scene and beyond by force, playing alongside big name acts such as Wolf Alice, Public Access TV, and more. Now they’re turning their attention to the rest of the world with confidently crafted tracks that will win over the rest of the globe.

New effort ‘As They Do’ combines elements of mind-melding psychedelia with hints of 90’s britpop that will have you reminiscing in no time at all. Pop fans never fear though as the traditional pop sensibilities are still present making this a track to be


Seriously – What If The Dreams Come True

With plenty of synths and a whole lot of hope, this is the kind of track that will send you soaring into the weekend on a high note and a spring in your step. The synths are front and centre and the vocals take a hazy step back, evoking memories of the likes of  Joy Division in the best way!

Get ready for some lo-fi, 90’s tinged vibes that will have you believing that your dreams will come true.


Frogi – Time

Following the release of her stunning debut single ‘Peace of Mind’, Frogi has gone above and beyond on new effort ‘Time’.

A sublime project that’s resulted from a situation of heartbreak. A track that’s super intense in the most releaxed and most vulnerable of ways. Vocals are front and centre, her breath-like stunning voice gripping attention from start to finish. These are supported by a strong, almost primal, beat.

Speaking on the track she explains: “I wrote time in the bedroom of my apartment when I was really heartbroken. My boyfriend and I were split up at the time. He was struggling with depression and I was doing my best to help him, even if that meant being apart. I had this feeling that we would come together again in time, and this was my letter to him in song form. It’s kind of embarrassing now but I did end up sending it to him. And it didn’t do much when it came to us getting back together, haha. But it was a moment in time where I was extremely vulnerable and I respect that I was brave enough to make it. I recorded it all on my laptop mic because it felt like it was flowing out of me and I didn’t want to inhibit that by going to record it in the studio. I ended up keeping those original vocals in the song because to me it’s the closest I could get to that original emotion I was feeling.”


Billy Hammer – More Than Friends

Another slice of pop gold here from Billy Hammer, ‘More Than Friends’ is the fourth single to come from this very talented 21-year-old.

Super chilled with an imminent direction, Billy is subtley crafting his laidback pop style that is winning over fans at an incredible rate. This is a summer-ready daytime bop.


Enjune – Lost in the Woods

Straight from his full debut EP Teal Dreams, ‘Lost In The Woods’ is an emotive masterpiece.

You’ll struggle to find someone who hasn’t felt a bit lost at some point in their lives, and this track is the result of that. As Enjune says “Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself – the only way to get what you need is to lose everything else.” 

Said to be the pinacle point of the EP and the absolute culmination of his work so far. And what a result it is.