It’s Friday! The weekend is here and so is our collection of favourite releases from this week…

Frist things first. We’re too excited about this track not to mention it first. Lykke Li dropped her two new singles from her upcoming album consisting of 10 tracks so sad so sexy is set to be released on June 8th. ‘Deep End’ has a nodding rhythm and strong trippy beat with a synthetic dreamy glow. It’s bliss…


Next is alternative outfit, The Pale White, who’s lyrically relatable, brand new track ‘Peace of Mind’ is a representation of dynamic and fiery rock. “All these expectations, I need motivation” the song has a catchy bassline and harmonised vocals that add quality to the overall production.


We won’t lie that this song is a time machine into an electronic scene of the 80’s and early 90’s. ‘The Checks’ is an electronic whirl from Real Lies. Techno base and ever-changing textures and layers of synths at heart. This track bounces between old and new and sounds very fresh.


Time for the massacre… The Brian Jonestown Massacre! The band shares a new song from their first out of two upcoming albums. Album: ‘Something Else’ will be released on 1st June 2018.  ‘Hold That Thought’ comes in with compressed and distorted drum beat that starts to sink in with the noise of psychedelic electro-acoustic guitars evoking the summer season.

Are you ready to listen to an emotional vocal performance from Copenhagens Off Bloom? ‘Love Actually’ is hook driven electro pop track with ever-changing sounds and texture. Interestingly the music evolves alongside the lyrics and vocal performance, adding lots of musical flavours.


Did you know there might be a reason why he/she never returned your calls? Different, quirky but fun and ultra modern. We are talking about ‘There Is A Reason Why’.  Why is it in our favourites? Because Blossoms single joins many elements of different synth based genres, showing originality that we like.


‘Nightclub Love’ sounds anything but like a music from the nightclub but is a nice sway ballad of strong attraction. Matt Maltese takes us through the shades of soft and mellow musical aesthetic. Piano melody summons the spirit of the great Erik Satie. For quiet and lazy afternoons.