It’s New Music Fri-yay! Join us as we delve into this week’s freshest new tunes…

Sigrid – Sight Of You

What better way to kick off this week’s Friday Faves with the one and only Scandi-pop queen, Sigrid. ‘Sight Of You’ is a wonderfully string-laden foray into her effortlessly enchanting pop world. Grab your headphones, tune in, and prepare yourself for one hell of a weekend.

MARINA – Superstar

Let’s continue on the wave of enchanting pop queens, and step into the musical realms of MARINA. Lush future-bass ebbs and flows behind a lofty pianoscape that sets the spotlight firmly on her impossibly ethereal vocal.

Foals – Sunday

The Oxford indie veterans have been on an absolute roll recently, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. ‘Sunday’ is Foals‘ latest effort, and if you ask us, it’s the perfect chillaxing romp for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Kudos, lads.

Sundara Karma – Greenhands

If this track tells you anything, it’s that – like many – Sundara Karma are no strangers to a little bit of gardening on a weekend. Wait, wouldn’t that be ‘Greenfingers’? Nevermind, we still stand by that ‘Greenhands’ would be an absolute belter of a tune to accompany a little bit of joyful weeding. Sunny chords, bouncy beats, what could be better?

FEWS – Anything Else

Alright, alright – if you don’t listen to ‘Anything Else’ from our Friday Faves list this week, do yourself a favour and check out this brand new one from shadowy noise-poppers FEWS. It’s like an industrial miss-match of chugging punk riffage and droning shoegaze psychedelia. Awesome stuff.

Stella Donnelly – Tricks

If there’s one thing for sure about Australian songstress Stella Donnelly, it’s that she’s certainly got a few musical ‘Tricks’ up her sleeve. And by that, we mean her biting wit, endearingly sarcastic charm and knack for saying it exactly how it is. If you like your music unapologetically raw, raucously self-assured but with a little jangly brit-pop thrown in for good measure, you’ve come to the right place.

Vök – Scarcity

Formed in Reykjavik, Iceland back in 2013, Vök mark their return to the airwaves this year with a brand new album and enchanting new single. ‘Scarcity’ must be an ironic title though, as the track’s packed full of such lush textures, beautifully synth-wave electronics and enchantingly ethereal vocal hooks that it should probably be called ‘Abundance.’ Ah well, dealer’s choice.

Paris Youth Foundation – I Can’t Keep Up With Your Love

Don’t worry, Paris Youth Foundation, no one can. We love far too much, especially when it comes to tracks like this. If you’re looking for blissful, crafted soundscapes drenched in that unmistakably Northern UK indie ethos, the Liverpool lads will certainly not disappoint.

Ten Tonnes – Lucy

Ethan Barnett aka. Ten Tonnes is definitely no stranger to our Friday Faves, but it’s certainly been a while since we’ve had the pleasure of adding a new track to the Ten Tonnes repertoire. But here we are! ‘Lucy’ is a brilliantly jangly summer-fest of a tune that’ll hopefully keep the sun shining this weekend.

Squid – Houseplants

To be honest, we don’t think you’ve had enough psyched-out madness this week. So what better remedy than this new one from Brighton art-rock arsonists Squid. ‘Houseplants’ is – quite frankly – an enigma, at once a jutted, punk-laden swathe and at another minute a free-form jazz-punk hybrid. Whatever the weather, it’s a track that’s certain to liven up your weekend – just don’t forget to water those house plants.