Whether you’re out raving, in behaving or sitting back lazing, we’ve got the freshest new tunes to soundtrack your weekend.

APRE – Gap Year 2008

Class is now in session! Kicking off our Friday Faves this week are none other than London duo APRE, with their pop-blasting new single ‘Gap Year 2008.’ Expect big beats, big riffs, and a little experimental charm that suggests APRE have got big things in the pipeline…

Lazy Day – Double j

Every weekend needs a Lazy Day. Or, indeed – a new single from Lazy Day. Luckily, we’ve got just the ticket, as the wonky-pop pioneers have just released their brand new single ‘Double j.’ Sit back, relax, and let a little bit of psych into your life.

Queen Zee – Loner

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a ‘Loner.’ Especially if it means a new track from the eclectic Queen Zee. The Merseyside mad’eads channel all their massive punk energy into one unapologetically loud confession about the joys of being a little estranged.

George Maple – Champion

“So you wanna be a ‘Champion’?” The first step is to bang this track on repeat. The Australian-born songstress crafts what can only be described as some sort of war-riddim; Thumping beats, head-bopping flows and massive choir synths combine in this sassy sonic assault from George Maple. What an anthem.

Greyson Chance – shut up

If you frequent our Friday Favourite selections, you’ve probably heard how much we love an airy pop anthem over and over again. Just tell us to ‘shut up,’ or – better yet – give this new one from Greyson Chance a chance. Deliciously smooth pop ‘n’ roll that’s just screaming for a place in the charts.

Orla Gartland – Why Am I Like This?

A question we’ve all asked ourselves many times, I’m sure – but not quite as beautifully as this. Soft folk acoustics morph and blend into an alt-pop escapade full of relatable lyricism and powerful poignancy. If you’re not throwing your hands in the air and singing along with a singular tear in your eye by the last chorus… we’re not sure what’s going on with you to be honest!

UNKLE – On My Knees

Every Friday needs a little bit of cinema. Written for the film Roma, ‘On My Knees’ is a gorgeous piece combining Michael Kiwanuka‘s timeless soul vocals with the experimental soundscaping of London’s UNKLE. Soft piano, soaring strings and stadium-filling beats make this an absolute anthem for your weekend.

The Amazons – Mother

Let’s continue on the line of the epic. Reading four-piece The Amazons return with ‘Mother,’ a slick riff-fuelled anthem that’ll have even the most heady rock veterans gritting their teeth in envy. Massive beats, scorching riffs and that awesome stadium-filling vibe The Amazons know so well.

The Japanese House – We Talk All The Time

Amber Bain makes her return to our Friday Faves yet again this week, under her enchanting moniker The Japanese House. Lush dreampop and enigmatic electronica combine in this typically enchanting piece from the Londoner – with a little splash of neo-funk ‘n’ disco thrown in for good measure.

Anna Of The North – Leaning on Myself

You’ve had the anthems, the punk scorchers, and a little dash of cinematism – what’s missing? Yep, no weekend is complete without something to unwind to. Anna Of The North‘s new single ‘Leaning on Myself’ will help you do just that. A soothing slow-burning facade that masks a poignant emotionality just beneath; Sounds like a smooth-sailing Sunday tune to me.

Mahalia – Do Not Disturb

Fancy a little me time this weekend? Well, we’ve got the perfect track – whack your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and tune in to some fresh new music from Brits Critics Choice Award nominee Mahalia. Lush strings and keys weave over a soundscape of rolling dance beats in this neo-soul number perfect for ghosting the haters.


That’s all, folks! Tune in next week for more brand new music.