Photo Credit: Eli Russell Linnetz

‘We Appreciate Power’ – and there’s a whole darn lot of it in this week’s Friday Favourites.

Grimes, HANA – We Appreciate Power

Let’s kick off in a way only Grimes really can – in a totally off-the-wall, odd-ball miss-match of genre that absolutely works. ‘We Appreciate Power’ is a full-frontal cyberpunk assault, with chugging industrial riffs and pounding beats juxtaposed with honeyed, angelic vox. It’s unique, powerful, and almost certainly Grimes.

Emily Burns – Damn Good Liar

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that Emily Burns knows her way around a pop tune. The Midlands-based songstress burst onto the scene earlier this year, with her debut EP amassing over 15 million streams worldwide, alongside a show of support from Scandi-pop royalty Tove Styrke. ‘Damn Good Liar’ shows exactly why, with it’s beautifully crafted pop veneer hiding an intimate heart and soul beneath.

Tom Speight – Strangers Now

Looking for something a little more chill this Friday? Well look no further; Tom Speight‘s new single ‘Strangers Now’ is just what the doctor ordered. Sweeping acoustic soundscapes of strings and guitar wash over building beats as Speight and Lydia Clowes sing of unrequited love. To quote Tom himself; “to all the broken-hearts and heart-breakers… this one’s for you.”

ISLAND – Just That Time of the Night

It’s about time we slip into something more comfortable. It’s ‘Just That Time of the Night,’ and London four-piece ISLAND are serving what sounds like the sonic recreation of a candlelit dinner for two. Slow, balladic beats simmer softly behind calm waves of bass and synth, before it builds to a crescendo of raw emotion around the three minute mark.

Circa Waves – Movies

We’ve had the candlelit dinner, now it’s time for the ‘Movies.’ Circa Waves make a stylish return to the airwaves with this cinematic pop-rock piece; jangly stabs of guitar swirl over driving beats and glossy bass groove, as frontman Keiran Shuddall brings a fresh melodic sound with his layered vox. Not only that, but it’s a tantalising taste of what’s to come from their upcoming album.

Babeheaven – November

West London duo Babeheaven are all about immersive soundscapes and dreamily-dark aesthetics, blending elements of downtempo soul, trip hop and pop noir into one creative cloud of enchanting electronica – and ‘November’ is the perfect example. Whether you’re road-tripping, staying home or heading out this weekend, Babeheaven will give you a nice moment of respite amidst the madness. Just remember to bring your headphones.

JAWS – Driving At Night

There’s something really nostalgic about ‘Driving At Night.’ Maybe it’s the way you feel enclosed in your own little world, as city lights and people pass you by. Whatever the case, it’s a feeling encapsulated perfectly by JAWS on this new jangle-pop anthem. Echoing guitarscapes ebb and flow over building beats and synth, rising to a crescendo finish around the two-minute-mark.

Wasuremono – Lonely Type

Are you more of the ‘Lonely Type?’ Well your certainly not alone – Bradford-on-Avon’s Wasuremono (roughly translating to ‘something left behind’) celebrate all things introversion with this jangly dream-pop number. It’s feel-good indie pop at its finest, matching soft guitar lines and bass with driving beatwork, and a lofty reverb-drenched vocal.

The 1975 – Inside Your Mind

It’s been a long time coming, but finally The 1975 have dropped their new album. Amongst all the dreampop wonder, a little dash of shoegaze, and all things inbetween, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is a fantastically different take on the classic 1975 sound. Cinematic piano soundscapes, aching solo guitar and a Depeche Mode style vocal take solidify ‘Inside Your Mind’ as one of the best from the album; and a brave new direction for the Manchester four piece.